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QUIZ: What kind of roommate are you?

Danielle Harris May 17, 2015

Editor's Note: This quiz is part of The DePaulia's 2015 Apartment Guide. To view more articles from this special section, click here.

Botched DIY projects by DePaulia staff members Carolyn Duff, Courtney Jacquin and Erin Yarnall. (Courtney Jacquin / The DePaulia)

DIY on a dime: Turn a dull apartment homey for cheap

Carolyn Duff May 17, 2015

I moved into my first apartment almost one year ago and as soon as I signed the lease, I couldn’t wait to start decorating. I’m pretty good at crafting, if I do say so myself, so I’ve managed to...

This floral-patterned couch gifted from a generous grandma complements any recycled home decor. (Megan Deppen / The DePaulia)

Buying furniture: Thinking outside of the (IKEA) box

Megan Deppen May 17, 2015

After signing the lease on your first apartment you may have the impulse to run to IKEA for the unlimited supply of stylish Swedish furniture. I will not deny that IKEA has everything, including their...

Fight for your rights as renters

Kevin Gross May 17, 2015

Moving out can be an exciting time for DePaul’s dorm-residing population. For many, it marks the last time residing within a supervised environment, as the future may hold the notion of living independently...

300 dpi Susan Jouflas illustration of a giant landlord standing in front of his apartment complex, holding up the keys and letting tiny prospective tenants fight to get them. The Seattle Times 2011

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How to deal with bad landlords

Zoe Krey May 17, 2015

For many college students, transitioning from the rules of resident advisors to the legal obligations present in contracts with landlords can be challenging. Suddenly, warnings and informal roommate...

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