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St. Vincent’s DeJamz

(Graphic by Max Kleiner / The DePaulia)

Rachel Fernandez, Managing Editor

February 5, 2018

Midterms at DePaul seem to last an eternity and leave everyone feeling discombobulated. You know that feeling of when you’ve been looking at a computer screen for seven hours straight and then you have to suddenly face reality and natural light again? Well, the musical equivalent of that feeling is wh...

St. Vincent’s DeJamz

St. Vincent's DeJamz

Sabrina Miresse, Contributing Writer

January 29, 2018

One characteristic of people who go to DePaul, or live in Chicago in general, is the massive amount of time spent in elevators. Standing stiffly in elevators takes up more of our day than we think—whether that means going to the fourth floor of Arts & Letters or up to the 18th in 14 E. Jackson...

St.Vincent’s DeJamz

Sabrina Miresse, Staff Writer

January 22, 2018

Week three of winter quarter is down, only seven more to go! Did you read that with enthusiasm? I thought not. Winter quarter can leave students feeling drab and ready to curl into bed to take a nap. It’s hard to find motivation or inspiration in this weather when things start to take on a gray col...

St. Vincent’s DeJamz

Sabrina Miresse, Staff Writer

January 16, 2018

Females have been uniting now more than ever, as recently seen at the Golden Globes last week. Women came together to raise awareness and promote change through the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Another underrepresented group of  talented females are those in the music industry. In light of this, The D...

St. Vincent’s DeJamz

St. Vincent's DeJamz

Lacey Latch, Arts & Life Editor

January 8, 2018

As we struggle to brave this unbearably cold weather, music can provide us with a much needed reminder of warmer, better  times. Personally, I like to spend my time reminiscing about when I could step outside and be comfortable not wearing six extra layers of clothing. Therefore, The DePaulia has pu...

St. Vincent’s DeJamz: DePaulia soundtrack

St. Vincent's DeJamz: DePaulia soundtrack

Pat Mullane

May 29, 2017

With every DePaulia employee working in the windowless basement of U-Hall every weekend, there are few things outside of music that help keep the paper a float.   Read More »...

St. Vincent’s DeJamz: DePaul playlist

St. Vincent's DeJamz: DePaul playlist

Pat Mullane

May 21, 2017

From athletics to academics, music to movies, there’s no doubt that DePaul University is home to a great number of talented students.  While DeJamz has covered an array of renowned known and not-so-famous artists over the years, we have yet to take a look at some of the many musically talented stude...

St. Vincent’s DeJamz: FEST 2017

Pat Mullane

May 15, 2017

If you’re looking for something outside of DePaul’s annual music festival FEST, from Lollapalooza to Pitchfork, Chicago’s summers are jampacked with some of the best festivals in the world.  While the tickets may be overly priced, the headliners, the atmosphere and the entire experience of a mus...

St. Vincent’s DeJamz: Mother’s Day appreciation jamz

St. Vincent's DeJamz: Mother's Day appreciation jamz

Pat Mullane

April 30, 2017

We can finally say that we’ve made it through the wet and windy April showers, and now we only have the May flowers to look forward to. And while May brings joyous flowers, FEST and food festivals, it also marks the month Mother’s Day falls under. Read More »...

St. Vincent’s DeJamz: Prince appreciation playlist

St. Vincent's DeJamz: Prince appreciation playlist

Pat Mullane

April 23, 2017

While it’s hard to believe that it has been just over a year since Prince died, it’ll never be easy to forget the everlasting and influential music that he left behind.  Whether you were a big fan of his work or not, there’s no denying his status as icon – earned for both the wide variety of s...

St. Vincent’s DeJamz: April showers

St. Vincent's DeJamz: April showers

Pat Mullane

April 16, 2017

While the month of April certainly means warmer weather is upon us, it also means a whole ton of rainfall is coming too.  Read More »...

St. Vincent’s DeJamz: America’s favorite pastime

St. Vincent's DeJamz: America's favorite pastime

Pat Mullane

April 9, 2017

As we find ourselves in the beginning weeks of baseball season, there may be no better time to listen to songs that celebrate America’s favorite national pastime.   Read More »...

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