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Gaza conflict extends Divest debate at DePaul

Students protest outside of the Arts & Letters building on the Lincoln Park Campus Tuesday, Sept. 30. (Amanda Crane / The DePaulia)

Brenden Moore and Matthew Paras

October 5, 2014

Whether it’s in meetings of student government or on the sidewalk outside the Arts and Letters Hall, the issue of divestment keeps popping up, despite the fact that the referendum on the issue took place last quarter. The issue reappeared definitively last Tuesday, as pro-divest students demonstra...

Persuing a Vincentian balance sheet

The Wall Street Stock Exchange, through which many of DePaul's $527 million in investments are traded. Photo courtesy of AP.

Kevin Gross

June 2, 2014

Over the past few weeks our campus has been captivated by the utterly polarizing debate over the Israeli divestment campaign. One of the main complaints regarding the campaign was this question: “Why Israel? Why focus on Israel when there are so many other places in the world that are complicit in...

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