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Top films to see in fall 2015

Top films to see in fall 2015

Pat Mullane and Matt Koske

September 13, 2015

"He Named Me Malala" - Oct. 2 No film would be better to start the school year than a documentary about 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai, youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize Laureate known for her activism for girls’ education in the Middle East.  Director Davis Guggenheim, most notably known for his wo...

Interview: ‘No Escape’ director and writer John Dowdle and Drew Dowdle

Interview: ‘No Escape’ director and writer John Dowdle and Drew Dowdle

Matt Koske

August 27, 2015

An intense international thriller, "No Escape" centers on an American businessman (Owen Wilson) as he and his family settle into their new home in Southeast Asia. Read More »...

DePaul film ‘Bernadette’ gains a quick following

DePaul film 'Bernadette' gains a quick following

Zoe Krey

July 17, 2015

  Some DePaul students began their summers with 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. internships or packed their bags for study abroad trips. For a handful of other DePaul students and faculty it was lights, camera, action. DePaul faculty members John Psathas and Patrick Wimp have spent the past month creating an independent feature film using a Proje...

Review: ‘The Overnight’

Review: 'The Overnight'

Erin Yarnall

June 29, 2015

“You get to a point where you get married, have kids and you stop changing,” Adam Scott, the executive producer and star of “The Overnight,” said at a screening of the film at Landmark Century Cinema on June 26. Read More »...

Review: ‘End of the Tour’ a philosophical look at David Foster Wallace

Mike Horky

April 18, 2015

When David Foster Wallace died in 2008, the world lost a literary genius. His novel, "Infinite Jest," had become the staple of college literature classes across the country, and his philosophical and almost poetic outlook on life spoke to countless millenials. James Ponsoldt’s latest film "The End of the Tour" follows a week in t...

Reflections on race, family in ‘Black or White’

Jillian Estell as Eloise and Kevin Costner as her grandfather, Elliot, in “Black or White.” (Photo courtesy of

Isabel Corona

January 25, 2015

Filled with excited guests, the theater’s audience cheered and applauded the premiere of Mike Binder’s family drama, “Black or White” at the Icon Theater in Chicago on Jan. 8. Binder was joined by stars Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie. Read More »...

If it bleeds, it leads: ‘Nightcrawler’ in review

Jack Gyllenhaal plays a confident and ruthless freelance videographer in

Pat Mullane

November 19, 2014

When there’s a car accident on a local highway, the viewer doesn’t want to watch two anchors sit there and describe it. Instead, they want the aftermath, the broken windshield and dented metal.  If there’s a drive-by shooting, they want pictures of the victims, videos of bullet holes in wall.  This is where Lou Bloom ...

Interview: Director Theodore Melfi of ‘St. Vincent’

Interview: Director Theodore Melfi of 'St. Vincent'

Mike Horky

October 21, 2014

"St. Vincent," written and directed by Theodore Melfi, opened last Friday in Chicago. The DePaulia sat down with Mr. Melfi to understand the film a little better. Read More »...

Review: ‘St. Vincent’ only offers showcase for famed Bill Murray

Review: 'St. Vincent' only offers showcase for famed Bill Murray

Mike Horky

October 16, 2014

Old man meets kid, doesn’t like him, but by the end they’re best friends. It’s been done before (see “Up” if you haven’t), and “St. Vincent” is no exception. It’s a welcome return for Bill Murray as a leading man, but does the film offer much else other than a showcase for the n...

Review: Horror film ‘Annabelle’ unable to capture terror of predecessor

Theatrical poster for

Adam Bevel

October 9, 2014

If you saw 2013’s excellent The Conjuring" you probably remember the doll that Annabelle is titled from and based around. She was the fairly creepy doll introduced in the first scene of "The Conjuring" that established the real life demon hunting couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. The doll suitably cr...

Review: Horror film ‘Tusk’ a ‘one-of-a-kind’ experience

Review: Horror film 'Tusk' a 'one-of-a-kind' experience

Adam Bevel

October 2, 2014

Let’s just get this out of the way: “Tusk” is a horror movie about a man who is kidnapped by a serial killer and surgically turned into a walrus. There’s really no way around it, there’s no other way to start this review. If you’re not a fan of horror movies, gore, or are at least the sligh...

Q&A: Director Michael Cuesta of ‘Kill the Messenger’

Q&A: Director Michael Cuesta of 'Kill the Messenger'

Mike Horky

September 30, 2014

Michael Cuesta’s "Kill the Messenger" comes out Oct. 10. The DePaulia sat down with him to discuss the upcoming film. The DePaulia: What drew you to this project? It feels much bigger than your previous projects. Michael Cuesta: It was understanding [Gary Webb], when I read the script I rela...

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