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DePaul’s financial aid pool increase second lowest in a decade

DePaul’s financial aid pool increase second lowest in a decade

Ella Lee, Hannah Mitchell, and Shane René

April 21, 2020

DePaul said it will offer support from a $266.4 million financial aid pool in light of the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19, according to a university release. But the nearly 5.1 percent increase in institutional aid is the second smallest increase in more than 10 years.  Last fiscal year...

‘Know what you owe’: Student loan advice from a professional fitness adviser

National student debt burden in the United States has undoubtedly  grown in the last two decades. (Greg Godd | MCT Campus)

Maddie Brockmyre, Contributing Writer

January 12, 2020

Natalie Daniels, a short woman with magenta glasses and a bright smile, sits in her office tucked away in the back of DePaul Central, separated from the bustle of the Schmidt Academic Center.  Two computers are propped up on her desk as she quickly types out numbers into a loan interest calculator ...

Illinois commission offers free college readiness help

DePaul University Lincoln Park campus.

Associated Press

October 6, 2019

State officials say free workshops and support for students seeking financial aid for college is available throughout the fall starting this month. The Illinois Student Assistance Commission will host workshops for students and their families to provide assistance in filling out college applica...

Lawmakers to investigate use of guardianship loophole for financial aid at Illinois colleges

Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker, left, discusses the House action to put a constitutional amendment to implement Pritzker's graduated income tax on the November 2020 ballot in Springfield, Ill., Monday, May 27, 2019. Voters decide whether to eliminate Illinois' flat-rate tax system which critics claim is regressive. Rep. Robert Marwick, D-Chicago, the sponsor of the amendment which underwent nearly 3 ½ hours of debate on the House floor, looks on.

Associated Press

August 1, 2019

Illinois lawmakers say they will investigate the use of a loophole in the state's guardianship law that wealthy families took advantage of to qualify their children for college financial aid. Recent reports indicate some parents were transferring guardianship of their children to friends or relatives...

Faces of MAP: Granting opportunities to students in Illinois

Betzaira Herrera, left, and Cristina Vera beat the odds to attend school with some assistance from MAP grants. The program could now be on the chopping block as the state tries to get its fiscal house in order. (Danielle Church / The DePaulia)

Danielle Church

January 25, 2015

Betzaira Herrera’s mother only received a sixth grade education in Mexico. In order to have a better life, she journeyed to the United States despite not speaking any English. A year later, Herrera’s mother gave birth to her and because of the lifestyle her mother had, she was raised with the idea that “education is the key to succes...

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