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Potatoes to the rescue

Potatoes to the rescue

Keira Wingate, Contributing Writer

May 6, 2019

Whether it be a midnight snack or a holiday meal, potatoes give you many options to choose from, bringing you an instant rush of joy and a carb overload. Potatoes are the superhero of any meal, and each time they end up saving the day. You may be wondering how potatoes are even remotely related to...

In the aftermath: When the Blockbuster battle ends, viewers pick up the pieces

Isabel Corona

September 28, 2014

Buildings crumble to the ground like a tower of toy bricks as Superman and his foe, General Zod, throw punches at each other. Neither one pays any attention to the mass destruction he leaves behind, only caring bout finishing the fight. A small group of civilians struggles to escape the falling sky...

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