iPhone robbery results in death at Fullerton el stop

    Sally Katona-King died Tuesday, March 29 after sustaining multiple injuries from being shoved down by a robber on her way out of the Fullerton el station on Monday afternoon, police said. The 68-year-old was knocked over when a man snatched an iPhone from another commuter standing on the station’s platform and then took off running. Katona-King was then rushed to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center and was later visited by the robbery victim, according to police.

    The suspect, whose sketch was released by Chicago police on Thursday, was last seen heading east on Fullerton Avenue and is still at large police said.

    DePaul junior, Ariane Ackerberg was near the station when it happened and immediately approached a Chicago Transit Authority attendant who explained the accident to her.

    “She suffered a large, gaping hole in her head,” Ackerberg said. “There was a lot of blood.”

    This incident comes shortly after the Office of Public Safety warned students of recurring phone thefts on the CTA in January, suggesting they remain alert and secure personal belongings when traveling.

    “I feel less at risk than the people who stand around playing ‘Angry Birds,'” said sophomore Andrew Boyle, who does not use an iPhone. “The people with smartphones are so into it, I could probably steal one. It’s so easy.”

    Chicago police have continued to search the area for the offender and are hopeful that the community alert will lead to more information regarding the strong armed robbery.

    “Try to avoid using it at all,” said DePaul Public Safety Director, Robert Wachowski. “The more difficult you make it for someone to steal your phone, the safer you will be.”

    Chicago Police ask that anyone with information about this incident please call the Area 3 Detective Division at 312-744-8261.