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REVIEW: ‘Selah and the Spades’ tackles intense themes in coming-of-age drama

Lovie Simone as the titular Selah in

Alayne Trinko, Contributing Writer

August 4, 2020

Walking through the halls of The Haldwell School for Boarding and Day School, students of the 5 factions lurk in the social shadows, wait for a reason to pounce in order to preserve their power and control over the student body, and remain out of sight and out of mind of the headmaster. The perfe...

Are movie theaters doomed?

FILE - The currently closed AMC Burbank 16 movie theatres complex is pictured on April 29, 2020, in Burbank, Calif. After several false starts, the film industry is hoping to bring new releases back into movie theaters in late August. But for blockbusters, it may mean rethinking opening weekend and returning to a more gradual rollout through international and U.S. territories. Gone for now are the days of massive global openings. And theater owners say if they don't get new films soon, they may not make it to 2021. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, File)

John Cotter, Staff Writer

July 25, 2020

Back in March, I was genuinely attempting to make bets with friends as to whether Disney’s heavily-marketed “Mulan” live-action film was to be released as planned, or pushed back due to COVID-19, as many other films fates have been attributed to the latter. In retrospect, that betting game was both fick...

REVIEW: Taylor Swift finally grows up on ‘Folklore’

This cover image released by Republic Records shows “Folklore,

Emma Oxnevad, Online Managing Editor

July 24, 2020

I spend a lot of time thinking about Taylor Swift. For all her faults — her history of butting heads with other massive personalities, her downright lack of skill at picking good lead singles and a recent tendency to overstuff albums with filler tracks — there is no denying that Swift is one of the b...

St. Vincent’s DeJamz

St. Vincent's DeJamz

Emma Oxnevad, Online Managing Editor

July 23, 2020

When I had the idea to write a DeJamz playlist for every zodiac season, it was all building to this: Leo season. You don’t have to guess if you have a Leo in your life; they definitely announced their sign within minutes of meeting you. They are generous, loyal, and exuberant —if not a bit stubb...

Director of DePaul Art Museum departs after 5 years

Un autobús pasa en frente del Museo de Arte DePaul.

Nate Burleyson, Arts & Life Editor

July 22, 2020

DePaul Art Museum Director and Chief Curator Julie Rodrigues Widholm had her final day at DePaul on July 15. She has taken a new position as Director of the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Laura-Caroline de Lara will serve as the interim director of the museum for the time being .  ...

Taste of Chicago to-go

The van for Ms Tittle's Cupcakes, which will be featured at this year's modified Taste of Chicago festival.

Rebecca Meluch, Opinions Editor

July 20, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the cancellation of many iconic Chicago events, including Lollapalooza, the Air and Water show and the Chicago Marathon. But last weekend, the city was able to host its popular Taste of Chicago event – but repackaged as “Taste of Chicago To-Go.” On July 1, Mayor L...

St. Vincent’s DeJamz

St. Vincent's DeJamz

Emma Oxnevad, Online Managing Editor

June 25, 2020

Get ready to cry: it’s Cancer season! Like Geminis before them, Cancers tend to get largely generalized with a single personality trait: sensitivity. However, don’t write them all off as crybabies; they have more going on than one may think. They are loyal, intuitive and highly protective of themse...

Friday Pilots Club on band origins, new single

Alternative rock band Friday Pilots Club are releasing their new single

Charlie Bevins, Contributing Writer

June 25, 2020

Caleb Hiltunen, lead vocalist for the alt-rock band Friday Pilots Club, took a brief pause before explaining what led to embarking on a path that makes a stop this Friday with the band’s single, “Breaking My Bones.”  “Do you remember the first time you ever listened to a song and you were in the r...

REVIEW: Phoebe Bridgers explores relationships, growing up on “Punisher”

REVIEW: Phoebe Bridgers explores relationships, growing up on

Cole Bursch, Contributing Writer

June 22, 2020

In these unprecedented times of international turmoil, “Punisher,” the new album from Phoebe Bridgers, fittingly carries with it an end of the world motif that creates a nearly dystopian collection of songs. During a pandemic and a national movement for racial justice, Bridgers also elected not to pr...

St. Vincent’s DeJamz

St. Vincent's DeJamz

Emma Oxnevad, Online Managing Editor

June 16, 2020

I’ll say it: Geminis get a bad rep. Even if you’re not super well-versed in astrology, you probably know that they have a reputation for being “two-faced,” which seems like a boring summation of one of the more interesting signs in the zodiac.  Geminis are curious, adaptable, intelligent ...

Graduation pictures add significance to online commencement, caps and gowns delayed

Business school alum Hannah Judson took graduation photos with her cat for a more lighthearted feel.

Abbas Dahodwala, Contributing Writer

June 14, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DePaul University was forced to transition to online learning for the entire Spring quarter and graduation for the class of 2020 was moved online. It is normal to scroll through an Instagram feed during this time of the year and see college students celebrating graduation. Late Ma...

Memories are made of these: looking back on four years at DePaul

McGee’s Tavern, which is located on Webster Avenue in Lincoln Park, is widely regarded at DePaul as a top spot for partying on weekends.

Keira Wingate and Rebecca Meluch

June 14, 2020

Through every up and down college has thrown our way, some of the best memories have been created during the most stressful of times. Every all nighter, Saturday night, exam, presentation and “sick day” has brought a memory to go along with it. The mental scrapbook of the past few years is packed...

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