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A St. Patty’s Day DeJamz

Una Cleary and Patrick Sloan-Turner March 12, 2023

Kiss us, we're awesome. This week’s DeJamz comes from The DePaulia’s very own Irish-persons in residence, Una and Patrick. Though it’s been a minute since either of us have been to mass, we’re...

A rootin’ tootin’ DeJamz

Jonah Weber, Assistant Arts and Life Editor March 5, 2023

I have always enjoyed some good cowboy and Western-esque media. And for the past few months, there’s been somewhat of a Western revisionist movement happening, especially on TikTok. Some may say we are...

DeJamz: Pisces edition

Lilly Keller and Nadia Carolina Hernandez February 26, 2023

Talented, gorgeous and ethereal are a few adjectives that come to mind when one thinks of their Pisces friends. Well, maybe we’re just biased. Whether you love or hate Pisces season, you can’t deny...

DeJamz: Amber’s year of unrest and obligation

Amber Stoutenborough, Multimedia Managing Editor February 19, 2023

As I’m no longer Arts and life Editor, the public diary we call Dejamz has been replaced by my triumphant successor Lilly Keller, but I do miss the occasional jab I would make relating my personal life...

Not another sad Dejamz

Lilly Keller, Arts and Life Editor February 13, 2023

Love it or hate it, Valentine's day characterizes the month of February for many. Personally, I consider the holiday to be a little overrated, but maybe that's just because I can no longer afford a bag...

DeJamz: Black History Month

Lilly Keller, Arts and Life Editor February 5, 2023

Although unjustly short, Black History Month is a powerful reminder of the Black community's contributions, influences and triumphs. While DeJamz may only focus on music, there is no question that all...

Midwest emo DeJamz

Jonah Weber, Assistant Arts and Life Editor January 29, 2023

Midwest emo is one of the many genres that were quintessential in my high school upbringing. What is it, though? It’s a subgenre of emo music that focuses on very well curated guitar riffs and very...

Duster DeJamz

Lilly Keller, Arts and Life Editor January 22, 2023

Characterized by melodies of sheer melancholy, the slowcore genre was born from a rebellion against the traditional intensity and aggression of grunge music. Although we could discuss the highs and lows...

DeJamz: BabyTron and friends

Erik Uebelacker, Editor in Chief January 15, 2023

Eminem and Big Sean are the Detroit rap legends of old. But there’s a new king in town, and his name is BabyTron. The 22-year-old scam rapper from Ypsilanti, Michigan exploded in popularity last year...

DeJamz: the best of 2022

Lilly Keller, Arts and Life Editor January 8, 2023

Although 2022 may be behind us, it would be a travesty to leave behind the year's best releases so quickly. Whether your personal year was good, bad or somewhere in between, I believe we can all agree...

DeJamz – November exhaustion

Lilly Keller, Arts and Life Editor November 13, 2022

As the temperature begins to slip and shades of gray perpetually swallow the sun, I, like many others, am starting to feel the full weight of fall quarter on my shoulders. Perhaps it is the ungodly amount...

DeJamz – 11/7 – Let’s get psychedelic, man

Una Cleary and Ruchi Nawathe November 6, 2022

As DePaul students, many of us are trying to escape from our current realities. Music is a trusted medium to break free from these everyday truths. The psychedelic genre has tested the trials of time as...

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