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The student veteran events provided a space for veteran and non-veteran students to come together.

Veterans Day events have highest turnout ever

Kiersten Riedford, Focus Editor November 14, 2021

Sixty-one people, the highest turnout a Veterans Day event has ever had, showed up to the Veterans Day luncheon which celebrated veterans with guest speakers, food and storytellingon Thursday, Nov. 11. ...

The Daley Building is located on 14 E Jackson Blvd, where several colleges including the College of Communication, are housed.

Public Safety did not alert community after unauthorized person brings gun on campus

Nadia Hernandez, News Editor November 14, 2021

An unauthorized person brought a gun into the Maggie C. Daley Building on Nov. 4, according to the DePaul Public Safety report. Public Safety then contacted Chicago Police who then, “spoke to the...

Dr. Yau speaks at an SGA meeting.

University Counseling Director presents new initiatives at SGA

November 14, 2021

Director of University Counseling Services Tow Yau presented his new initiatives for counseling services at the final Student Government Association meeting of the fall quarter on Nov. 11. Yau presented...

Faculty raise concerns about lack of counseling services, burdened with personal stress

Faculty raise concerns about lack of counseling services, burdened with personal stress

Nadia Hernandez, News Editor November 8, 2021

Faculty members raised concerns over lack of initiative by University Counseling Services (UCS) during the Nov. 3 Faculty Council meeting. Newsline published an article offering advice for faculty and...

New art project immortalizes students experience with the COVID-19 pandemic

New art project immortalizes student’s experience with the COVID-19 pandemic

Jocelyn Diaz, La DePaulia Assistant Multimedia Editor November 7, 2021

Beneath the Fullerton CTA station lies a piece of DePaul University’s history. “The Little School Under the ‘L’ Under the ‘L’” are a series of murals under the Fullerton CTA station. Each...

President Esteban rejects Faculty Council ratified motions

President Esteban rejects Faculty Council ratified motions

Nadia Hernandez, News Editor November 7, 2021

President A. Gabriel Esteban rejected all of the motions from the Faculty Council’s latest Council of the Whole. Although Esteban’s rejections do not affect the passing of the motion, it further...

Housing policy updated today

Housing policy updated today

Kiersten Riedford, Focus Editor October 31, 2021

Housing will enter phase three of the visitor policy to allow the general DePaul student body guests into residential buildings starting today. The policy will still allow one to two vaccinated parents...

The statue of Father John Egan outside of DePauls Lincoln Park campus.

DePaul’s mask mandate includes provisions for violators

Erik Uebelacker, Opinions Editor October 31, 2021

Nationwide debates continue to rage over the efficacy and necessity of mask-wearing during this stage of the pandemic. In addition to a vaccine mandate, DePaul University is one of over 600 colleges in...

People gather outside of the Student Center.

Center for Students with Disabilities, alleviated attendance guidelines create another obstacle

Corey Schmidt, Copy Editor October 10, 2021

For DePaul junior Kiana Ratay, this quarter has been filled with medical hardships. However, DePaul’s attendance policy and the Center for Students with Disabilities has only made things harder — despite...

DePaul counseling services outsourced to a third-party app, leaving students in limbo

DePaul counseling services outsourced to a third-party app, leaving students in limbo

Nadia Hernandez, News Editor October 4, 2021

Ever since she committed to DePaul in early spring, freshman Lauren Hunt was eager to take advantage of DePaul’s counseling services. But when Hunt reached out for help, the university left her in...

Courtesy of @DePaulPanhel on IG

Fraternity, sorority life recruits in person again

Hallie Long, Contributing Writer October 3, 2021

After a year of Zoom classes and virtual campus activities, DePaul Panhellenic held in-person Fall Formal Recruitment this past week. As with every organization, business and industry, there has been...

Courtesy of DePaul University/Randall Spriggs

In State of the University, faculty pushes back on Esteban’s assessment of progress

Nika Schoonover, Print Managing Editor September 27, 2021

DePaul President A. Gabriel Esteban addressed faculty and staff at the State of the University address on Thursday morning, offering messages of hope and progress after the pandemic disrupted a year and...

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