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Logan Floyd (Left) and Katie Frieden  star in CIBC Theaters showing of Chicago.

“Chicago” brings money, murder, and all that jazz to the CIBC theater

Lauren Coates, Staff Writer January 22, 2023

With its alluring merry murders, instantly-recognizable numbers and iconic choreography from Broadway deity Bob Fosse, there are more than a few good reasons why Fred Ebb’s “Chicago” is the longest-running...

(From left to right) Kelvin Roston, McKinley Carter, Erica Stephan,  Andrew Jessop, Jonah Winston and Nancy Wagner star in Clue at the Mercury Theater.

Mercury Theater serves up killer comedy with “Clue”

Lauren Coates, Contributing Writer October 23, 2022

When it comes to cult classic comedies, few can boast the devoted fanbase –and the never ending quotability – of “Clue”, Jonathan Lynn’s 1985 film based on the board game.  Though it may...

Glinda (Jennafer Newberry, left) and Elphaba (Lissa deGuzman) reveal the origins of their friendship turned rivalry as seen in The Wizard of Oz.

National tour of “Wicked” delivers visual spectacle and strong performances

Lauren Coates, Staff Writer October 2, 2022

Though Broadway in New York City is experiencing historic closures of long-running musicals like “Phantom of the Opera,” Chicagoans can rest easy knowing that the second city’s most popular musical...

Sophomore Emma Gordon [left] rehearses with freshman Grace Provan [right].

The story of a woman, for women, by a woman

Kiersten Riedford, Assistant News Editor April 11, 2022

Sophomore Anna Maria D’Ortenzio looked at her phone, it was 3 a.m. She threw her head back into her pillow, and pushed her Pride and Prejudice book off to the side. Staring at the ceiling, she thought...

Fefu, played by DePaul student Neysha Mendoza, practices a speech for a charity fundraiser she is preparing. Also pictured: Fiona Rae Warburton as Cecila and Lauren Skelton as Julia.

‘Fefu and Her Friends’ is an intimate look at femininity

Josephine Stratman, Assistant News Editor February 22, 2022

Early in the play, Fefu picks up a gun, cocks it, and shoots her husband. The gun is not loaded. Probably. Off-stage, her husband falls — shocking Fefu’s friends, although she reassures them...

Student-run DePaul Theatre Union stages creative, minimal productions

Student-run DePaul Theatre Union stages creative, minimal productions

Brandon Sun Yechout, Assistant Arts and Life Editor January 23, 2022

Who says you need to be an acting major to enjoy acting? The DePaul Theatre Union is a student organization which pays no mind to any such snobbery. Students of every discipline take part in DTU productions...

The Chicago Theater displays “Celebrating 100 Years 1921-2021” on its marquee.

Venues across Chicago reopen after many months away

Lily Lowndes, Social Media Editor December 8, 2021

Chicago’s rich and bustling entertainment scene went silent after the initial COVID-19 lockdowns in March of 2020. In the name of community care and wellbeing, companies closed their doors to customers,...

“What the Constitution Means to Me” highlights sexism in U.S. policies

“What the Constitution Means to Me” highlights sexism in U.S. policies

Emma Nelson, Contributing Writer November 14, 2021

I had not seen a live theater performance since the initial onset of the lockdown in March 2020, and going to “What the Constitution Means to Me” was certainly a comeback. Running from Oct. 26 to...

Sophomore acting majors make DePaul debut

Sophomore acting majors make DePaul debut

P.A. Cranley, Contributing Writer November 7, 2021

The halls of the Theatre School buzzed on Oct. 30 as acting majors prepared for their fifth and final Intro to Performance show. The series began on Oct. 22 and marks the first time that the class of 2024...

The Theatre School at DePaul University, located in Lincoln Park.

DePaul theater students perform through the pandemic

Hayley DeSilva, Contributing Writer January 31, 2021

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has seemingly affected every aspect of what used to be normal life, and among those affected most is the theater community.    Broadway announced in October 2020...

The Cadillac Palace Theatre in downtown Chicago hasnt put on any shows since the pandemic began.

Future of Chicago theatre remains uncertain amid pandemic

Lauren Coates, Staff Writer September 20, 2020

Despite no significant droppage in Covid-19 cases nor any news of a vaccine becoming available any time soon, Broadway in Chicago recently announced their upcoming slate of shows for the remainder of the...

Brenden Moore / The DePaulia

DePaul fine arts students adjust to remote learning

Emily Reilly, Contributing Writer May 2, 2020

Due to campus lockdown, many theatre, music, CDM and other fine arts students aren’t getting the in-person aspect that is needed for success. So, how are professors trying to make classes feel the same...

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