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Makeshift, a comedy hosted by The DePaul Theater School and directed by Sophia Klevit depicts a jewish family dinner.

‘Makeshift’ review: Setting comedy at the dinner table

Claire Tweedie, Staff Writer May 7, 2023

“Makeshift,” directed and written by junior Sophia Klevit, is a powerful comedic show about Jewish culture using the simplicity of a family dinner. Klevit originally wrote the script during fall quarter...

Gayeon Jung stars as the Mermaid in Joffery Ballets adaptation of The Little Mermaid, choreographed by John Neumeier.

Joffrey Ballet mounts an ambitious, melancholy reimagining of The Little Mermaid

Lauren Coates, Staff Writer April 30, 2023

Cementing its prevalence in mainstream pop culture with Disney’s wildly successful animated adaptation, Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” is without question one of the most beloved...

Katy Geraghty stars as Little Red Riding Hood in Broadway in Chicagos Into the Woods.

“Into the Woods”: An enchanting evening at the theater

Erin Henze, Photo Editor April 30, 2023

Wednesday evening’s performance of “Into the Woods" was a magical affair for all involved. Set inside the ornate James M. Nederlander Theatre, the show was a captivating combination of powerhouse vocals,...

Anna Maria DOrtenzio (left) and Elijah Valter star in Blue Demon Theatres showing of Macbeth.

“Macbeth” review: a haunting reconciliation on fate and madness

Lilly Keller, Arts and Life Editor April 9, 2023

One of Shakespeare's most well-known works, "Macbeth" tackles the question of how rapidly a man can descend into insanity. While the English playwright's answer may fall somewhere in the 200-page range,...

Martine Kei Green-Rogers, uses her career as fuel for her role in administration.

Martine Kei Green-Rogers reflects on first year as theater school Dean

Samuel Mroz, Staff Writer April 9, 2023

Stepping out from her office of deanship on the fourth-floor of DePaul’s lauded theatre school, Martine Kei Green-Rogers quickly perks up to a chat on the origins of punk rock that four students are...

Ellie Pulsifer (center) stars as titular character Annie in the Cadillac Palace Theater performance of Annie, which runs until March 19.

The sun is out at Cadillac Palace Theatre: ‘Annie’ continues to capture hearts

Erin Henze, Assistant Photo Editor March 12, 2023

The fan-favorite “Annie” is back in full swing in downtown Chicago this month, and it’s a treat for theater-goers of all ages. Led by a remarkable performance from Ellie Pulsifer as the titular character,...

The Lookingglass Theaters production of Villette based on Charlotte Brontë’s titular novel.

Lookingglass Theater’s “Villette” is a ‘moody, mesmerizing tale of love and solitude’

Lauren Coates, Staff Writer March 5, 2023

Coinciding surprisingly neatly with the theatrical release of “Emily,” a historical drama chronicling the life of “Wuthering Heights” author Emily Brontë. Chicago’s own Lookingglass Theatre...

Logan Floyd (Left) and Katie Frieden  star in CIBC Theaters showing of Chicago.

“Chicago” brings money, murder, and all that jazz to the CIBC theater

Lauren Coates, Staff Writer January 22, 2023

With its alluring merry murders, instantly-recognizable numbers and iconic choreography from Broadway deity Bob Fosse, there are more than a few good reasons why Fred Ebb’s “Chicago” is the longest-running...

(From left to right) Kelvin Roston, McKinley Carter, Erica Stephan,  Andrew Jessop, Jonah Winston and Nancy Wagner star in Clue at the Mercury Theater.

Mercury Theater serves up killer comedy with “Clue”

Lauren Coates, Contributing Writer October 23, 2022

When it comes to cult classic comedies, few can boast the devoted fanbase –and the never ending quotability – of “Clue”, Jonathan Lynn’s 1985 film based on the board game.  Though it may...

Glinda (Jennafer Newberry, left) and Elphaba (Lissa deGuzman) reveal the origins of their friendship turned rivalry as seen in The Wizard of Oz.

National tour of “Wicked” delivers visual spectacle and strong performances

Lauren Coates, Staff Writer October 2, 2022

Though Broadway in New York City is experiencing historic closures of long-running musicals like “Phantom of the Opera,” Chicagoans can rest easy knowing that the second city’s most popular musical...

Sophomore Emma Gordon [left] rehearses with freshman Grace Provan [right].

The story of a woman, for women, by a woman

Kiersten Riedford, Assistant News Editor April 11, 2022

Sophomore Anna Maria D’Ortenzio looked at her phone, it was 3 a.m. She threw her head back into her pillow, and pushed her Pride and Prejudice book off to the side. Staring at the ceiling, she thought...

Fefu, played by DePaul student Neysha Mendoza, practices a speech for a charity fundraiser she is preparing. Also pictured: Fiona Rae Warburton as Cecila and Lauren Skelton as Julia.

‘Fefu and Her Friends’ is an intimate look at femininity

Josephine Stratman, Assistant News Editor February 22, 2022

Early in the play, Fefu picks up a gun, cocks it, and shoots her husband. The gun is not loaded. Probably. Off-stage, her husband falls — shocking Fefu’s friends, although she reassures them...

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