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NCAA takes new steps in name, image, likeness rules

In this March 14, 2012, file photo, a player runs across the NCAA logo during practice in Pittsburgh.

Nate Burleyson, Assistant Sports Editor

May 4, 2020

The NCAA has made its next step in allowing student-athletes to profit off of their name, image and likeness. On Wednesday , the board of governors supported a rule change that would grant student-athletes the opportunity to receive compensation from third-party commercial entities.  Through endorsem...

With gyms, fitness centers shut down, student-athletes find new ways to work out to stay ready for season

DePaul sophomore forward Jake Fuderer looks onto the field as pouring rain comes down on Oct. 27, 2019.

Sahil Gujarati, Contributing Writer

April 27, 2020

The spread of the coronavirus pandemic is agonizing everyone globally. The increasing number of cases every single day along with the delaying of the vaccine is causing ruckus in the world. With a layer of despondency encapsulating us in this current situation, it is very easy for us to lose our stabili...

DePaul esports adapts to COVID-19

Russell Dorn of DePaul University

Xavier Ortega, Photo Chief

April 15, 2020

With many physical spaces in universities across the U.S. shut-down due to various shelter-in-place policies, student extracurricular and athletic organizations are unable to have in-person meetings and some are trying to convert their operations 100 percent online. The esports program at DePaul is eq...

Winter weather doesn’t stop Chicago bikers

Winter weather doesn't stop Chicago bikers

Abbas Dahodwala, Contributing Writer

January 30, 2020

It is a cold winter morning as a bicyclist speeds toward Jackson and State. As the light turns red, the bicyclist hits the brakes, but the bike abruptly falls and skids down the street.  “I went straight down and slid from 50 feet in front of the intersection all the way through the intersection...

COLUMN: Remembering Kobe and Gigi Bryant

COLUMN: Remembering Kobe and Gigi Bryant

Luke Myers, Copy Editor

January 26, 2020

When Kobe Bryant retired from basketball in 2016, it was bittersweet. Fans were sad to witness the departure of a generation-defining athlete, but eager to see what else Kobe was capable of. After his playing career, it felt like we were meant to keep watching as he expanded his repertoire into film, entre...

Ice curling offers fun winter activity for Chicago residents

Ice curling offers fun winter activity for Chicago residents

Dan McDaid, Contributing Writer

December 20, 2019

The hardest part about winter in Chicago can be finding things to do. During the summer you have the beach, the zoo, outdoor sports and plenty of other options. One of the best things about summer is the ability to be able to go out and sit outside to enjoy the weather.  When it’s cold, you don’t really have th...

Brotherhood helps solidify Blue Demons’ defense

DePaul freshman defender Dan Iscra dribbles past a Vermont defender during a match on Sep. 1 at Wish Field. The Blue Demons lost the game 1-0.

Nate Burleyson, Assistant Sports Editor

October 14, 2019

Oftentimes, a team loves to advertise its brotherhood. Their closeness on and off the field is instrumental to any success they want to have. Now, an actual, biological brotherhood? That tends to be rarefied air at the collegiate level. The men’s soccer team has exactly that. Timmy and Dan Iscra are...

DePaul freshman wins in professional boxing debut

DePaul freshman wins in professional boxing debut

Nate Burleyson, Assistant Sports Editor

October 13, 2019

Everything had come down to the day ahead. It felt like a normal fight day even when the stakes were raised. When the first bell rang at Wintrust Arena, Summer Lynn was in her comfort zone.  Lynn, a DePaul freshman, made her professional debut Saturday at Wintrust Arena on the undercard of Oleksander Usyk vs Chazz Witherspoon. Lynn fought Jenna Johlin Thompson, a fighter out of Toledo ...

DePaul, Special Olympics Chicago host “All-Sports Day”

DePaul partnered with special olympics Chicago to host a sporting event known as

Gianfranco Ocampo, Contributing Writer

June 3, 2019

For the second year in a row, DePaul’s athletic department partnered with Special Olympics Chicago (SOC) to host a sporting event with both Special Olympic athletes and DePaul athletes, known as “All-Sports Day,” at Wish Field on May 23. Repeated satisfaction by student athletes and staff for the...

As water polo’s popularity grows, so do health concerns

Senior Zach Elias, DePaul water polo club secretary, takes a shot on net during the Blue Demons match against Iowa last season.

Brita Hunegs, Contributing Writer

May 28, 2019

In one moment, Abby Schultz was celebrating her successful attempt to block her opponent from scoring. In the next moment, amidst the chaos of the water polo scrimmage between DePaul and University of Illinois -Urbana-Champaign and both teams splashing about the pool, Schultz found herself being forced...

Motorsports brings a level of excitement and an element of risk

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton leads during the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix race, at the Monaco racetrack in Monaco on Sunday.

Benjamin Conboy, Editor-in-Chief

May 28, 2019

Every year, two of motorsport’s biggest spectacles fall on the same Sunday: Formula 1’s Monaco Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500.  They both provide unique but opposite experiences of what makes motorsport so exciting. The Indy 500 features the open-wheelers racing at blistering speed — this year, ...

DePaul assistants Tim Anderson, Shane Heirman named in NCAA trial for paying player in high school

DePaul assistant coaches Tim Anderson and Shane Heirman sit next to DePaul head coach Dave Leitao.

Shane René, Managing Editor

October 15, 2018

As the trial surrounding the NCAA’s corruption scandal continues, Brian Bowen Sr., the father of former five- star recruit Brian Bowen II, made new allegations about DePaul assistant men’s basketball coach Shane Heirman, and now a second DePaul assistant Tim Anderson. Brian Bowen ...

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