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The urban sketchers gather to admire each others work at the end of their meeting in their throwdown of more than 30 sketchbooks.

The Chicago Urban Sketchers make a springtime return

Leslie Williamson, Contributing Writer May 1, 2022

On Saturday afternoon on April 23, during one of the only warm days of this year’s spring, the Chicago Urban Sketchers gathered in Millennium Park’s Lurie Garden to draw together for the first time...

Poets celebrate National Poetry Month

Poets celebrate National Poetry Month

Lilly Keller, Assistant Arts and Life Editor April 10, 2022

The month of April is celebrated for many occasions. From Easter to winter's final hurrah, the month is notorious for marking the light at the end of the tunnel. It also commences the onset of National...

Moy works on a number of paintings at a time that she cycles through. She usually works on 1-3 paintings a day.

Chicago abstract artist Rebecca Moy creates unique work

Donald Crocker, Staff Photographer April 10, 2022

Every artist draws inspiration from different places. Some paint the environment around them. Others look at other forms of art like movies, literature or music. Some look at other people’s paintings....

DePaul sophomore Jae Valdez looks around her loft as she points out all the decorations shes most proud of. In an artists paradise, Valdezs apartment is decked out with mostly original artwork, along with some of her favorite professional pieces.

Freefalling with Jae Valdez

Jack Johnson, Contributing Writer April 3, 2022

The glow of neon lights and bright signs illuminate a loft apartment that could have been pulled straight out of iCarly. The walls are covered with Brassai portraits, album covers andt original works of...

Chicago Urban Sketchers administrators Alex Zonis and Mary Jo Ernst flip through their filled sketchbooks, filled with memories from places theyve visited to draw. Their sketches might depict a destination from a trip, or simply spotlight a favorite street corner in their neighborhood.

Sketching Chicago: How the Chicago Urban Sketchers draw their way across the city

Leslie Williamson, Contributing Writer April 3, 2022

In the Chicago Urban Sketchers group, hundreds of people are recreating scenes of the Chicagoland area in pencil, ink and watercolor. Urban sketching is the practice of drawing the scene in front of...

Janessa Rivera, a DePaul alumna shown working on a mural in Urbanspace. The mural highlights many elements of Chicago’s unique culture and proud art scene.

Artist Janessa Rivera ignites conversation through hidden details

Corey Schmidt, Copy Editor February 6, 2022

As a child, DePaul alumna Janessa Rivera would roam her grandmother’s house admiring her decorations, the painting job and small detailed accents. Ever since, an artistic fire to create purposeful art...

Tattoo Factory off the Wilson stop is one of the many tattoo shops students go to.

Students find self expression through tattoos

Hallie Long, Contributing Writer December 18, 2021

We all express ourselves in various ways, the music we listen to, clothes we wear, piercings, and, of course, tattoos. College is the time in a young adult’s life where they decide to book an appointment...

Chicago Makers Pop Up Shop now open in Bucktown and West Town

Chicago Makers Pop Up Shop now open in Bucktown and West Town

Jana Kunz, Contributing Writer November 12, 2021

A short walk from the Damen Blue Line stop, past Milwaukee Avenue and the 606, is a new Chicago attraction called the Chicago Makers Pop Up Shop that opened its doors as of Oct. 6, 2021. The store is...

“The Art of Banksy” in Chicago

“The Art of Banksy” in Chicago

Lily Lowndes, Social Media Editor November 8, 2021

While his true identity remains a mystery, the graffiti artist known only by the mononym Banksy has risen to international acclaim. Little is known about the artist save for speculation surrounding...

New art project immortalizes students experience with the COVID-19 pandemic

New art project immortalizes student’s experience with the COVID-19 pandemic

Jocelyn Diaz, La DePaulia Assistant Multimedia Editor November 7, 2021

Beneath the Fullerton CTA station lies a piece of DePaul University’s history. “The Little School Under the ‘L’ Under the ‘L’” are a series of murals under the Fullerton CTA station. Each...

El Mariachi del 23 celebra el mes de la hispanidad tocando rancheras clásicas de la cultura mexicana.

Flag waving: Latinos in Chicago continue the tradition to celebrate Independence day and Hispanic Heritage month

Erika Pérez, La DePaulia Managing Editor September 19, 2021

This was translated from Spanish, version en Espanol. Green, red and white fill the streets of Chicago. Central American flags wave in the air. Chicago’s skyline serves as the backdrop as Latinos...

Van Gogh’s life work brought back to life in immersive art experience

Van Gogh’s life work brought back to life in immersive art experience

Amber Stoutenborough, Staff Writer September 12, 2021

A tribute to a beloved artist, and one of the most popular exhibits today, Chicago opened its doors to the Immersive Van Gogh experience back in February 2021. Despite the pandemic and its restrictions,...

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