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Tattoo Factory off the Wilson stop is one of the many tattoo shops students go to.

Students find self expression through tattoos

Hallie Long, Contributing Writer December 18, 2021

We all express ourselves in various ways, the music we listen to, clothes we wear, piercings, and, of course, tattoos. College is the time in a young adult’s life where they decide to book an appointment...

Lawler decorated her daughters birthday party with balloons gifted from the Buy Nothing group, including a reused three balloon that would be passed around the group to help celebrate three different birthdays in total.

Reduce, reuse, reconnect— how a Facebook group helps Lakeview be more sustainable and build community

Leslie Williamson, Contributing Writer December 8, 2021

A used bike, a bag of clothes and a leftover burrito—each of these items was given a new life through a community Facebook group. The Buy Nothing groups are home to what just might be the most positive...

The inside of the Bourgeois Pig Cafe.

Seven study spots to explore to get out of your dorm

Jana Kunz, Contributing Writer November 14, 2021

It’s the last week of the quarter, and DePaul students are gearing up for finals. While the rapidly chilling weather could make a cramped dorm desk the easiest option for spreading out notes and cranking...

Safety comes first this Halloween

Elizabeth Hernandez, Staff Writer October 25, 2021

Halloween is back, and Chicago is ready to celebrate — safely. Last October, rising Covid-19 cases kept people indoors. Now, according to the Chicago Data Portal, over 59 percent of Chicago residents...

Sweet N Dainty Cupcakery, one of the booths at the Logan Square Farmers Market.

Logan Square Farmers Market shines on Sunday

Amber Stoutenborough, Staff Writer September 19, 2021

Sunday mornings in Logan Square are bustling with energy as people from all around Chicago come to buy from local small businesses at the neighborhood farmers market. From honey to produce, flowers and...

FILE-Residents out on the Lakefront Trail as temperatures reach 54 degrees in Chicago following weeks of bitter cold and heavy snowfall.

DePaul students find new life in the outdoors amid global crisis

Eli Schmitt , Contributing Writer May 31, 2021

It’s the first warm day of the year and the park is empty.   DePaul freshman Camelia Verni-Patron sits on a blanket beside the North Branch  of the Chicago River, quietly looking out towards the...

Nicci Nunez, left, and Alex Stewart, the founders and hosts of Swipe Fat.

‘Swipe Fat’ embraces ‘fat’ label and creates sense of community

Corey Schmidt, Copy Editor May 31, 2021

Being insecure about weight brings a whole new dynamic to the dating scene, which is something that influencer Alex Stewart and her friend Nicci Nunez quickly bonded over. The two felt comfortable talking...

A man in Wicker Park sporting a mask while riding a divvy bike.

Car to Cargo bike: The rise of the cycling community in Chicago

Rebecca Meluch, News Editor May 9, 2021

After paying her second traffic ticket off, Lindsay Bayley looked at her car and said to herself,  “Wow this is kind of a burden.”  In her first week of living in Washington D.C. in 2007, Bayley...

Pandemic ‘languishing’ leaves students, staff pining for better days

Pandemic ‘languishing’ leaves students, staff pining for better days

Hayley DeSilva, Staff Writer May 9, 2021

Spring can be a stressful time for many students and staff members. With summer on the horizon and months of work behind them, it can be difficult to keep the stamina of meeting deadlines and the same...

Students’ mental health takes hard hit amid pandemic

Students’ mental health takes hard hit amid pandemic

Lacey Latch, Editor-in-Chief March 14, 2021

For many adults, the pandemic threw a wrench into their workdays and kickstarted a nationwide social justice movement that captured the attention of the world during the summer.  For young kids and...

Students attempt to lower screen time after pandemic caused increased phone use

Students attempt to lower screen time after pandemic caused increased phone use

Jessica Rish, Social Media Editor March 14, 2021

My days last March looked nearly the same every day — wake up just in time to log onto a Zoom call, then spend the rest of the day rotating through different social media apps, googling Covid-19 symptoms...

Piper DeYoung finds snacks on sale at a Lakeview Jewel-Osco on Feb. 19, 2021.

DePaul students find ways to save during Covid-19

Alayne Trinko, Staff Writer February 22, 2021

We all know the running joke between college students and graduates that the average collegiate diet is made up of Maruchan ramen noodles and bottom-of-the-shelf liquor. Now, in the thick of the Covid-19...

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