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The Calumet River region was once the country’s largest producer of steel.

From black skies to green spaces: The Southeast Side of Chicago’s environmental justice journey

Una Cleary and Preston Zbroszczyk April 24, 2023

As a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in 2016, Luis Cabrales always had to explain to his peers where he was from: the Southeast Side. It is an area that he feels is more known for...

Veganisms complicated role in fighting the climate crisis

Veganism’s complicated role in fighting the climate crisis

Lilly Keller, Editor in Chief April 24, 2023

When University of Vermont junior Myla Judd decided to go vegan, she thought she was making the best decision for her health and the environment.  "I was working on a sustainable agriculture farm at...

A DePaul Urban Gardeners Board Member leads a group discussion in the bicycle dome.

Photo Essay: Environment through our photographers’ lenses

Amber Stoutenborough, Managing Multimedia Editor April 24, 2023

For our special issue, we asked some of our photographers to explore the topic of the environment in Chicago through their own lenses. We initially assumed that young adults would feel discouraged when...

Letter from the Editors: BLOOM AND DOOM, what must be done?

Letter from the Editors: BLOOM AND DOOM, what must be done?

Climate change is a complex, multifaceted issue with far-reaching implications on humanity. It is not solely an environmental concern, but a social and economic one too. The effects of climate change have...

DePaul geography faculty members Winifred Curran (left) and Michelle Stuhlmacher are part of a research team that received a $250,000 grant from NASA to work on the teams Designing for Just Green Enough: A Data Integration Tool for Informing Community Green Space Planning project.

Research team seeks to expand access to environmental data in Chicago: NASA grant provides funding for research, expansion of ChiVes database

Samantha Moilanen, Former Online Managing Editor April 24, 2023

Chicago is home to 24 industrial corridors comprising about 12% of city land. According to city data, the largest corridor is located on the Southeast Side. Industrial corridors are areas of land designated...

Red tulips are planted in a plot in the community garden facing the houses that helped create Semillas de Justicia.

A celebration of Earth Day and demand of green space in Little Village

Cary Robbins, La DePaulia Former Managing Editor April 24, 2023

Little Village residents gathered at the community garden Semillas de Justicia to celebrate their annual Earth Day event with music, food, painting and plenty of laughter.  The event was held by the...

Climate doomist philosophy will fulfill its own destiny

Climate doomist philosophy will fulfill its own destiny

Ruchi Nawathe, Nation & World Editor April 24, 2023

Climate patterns are shifting, causing extreme weather, death and destruction. Individuals account for a small fraction of global emissions, and oil and gas companies lobby politicians to write legislation...

Grace Gallant, DUG head od operations and graduate students, tends to herbs in the greenhouse located across Wish Field.

DePaul Urban Gardeners: environmental club offers community, ecological learning opportunities

Kiersten Riedford, News Editor April 24, 2023

Between moments of moving dirt to the garden beds and planting potatoes and radishes, Grace Gallant, the DePaul Urban Gardeners (DUG) head of operations and senior, said the scene looked like “a heavenly...

The traditional tulip bulbs planted each year began to bloom this past weekend.

Falling flat: Over a decade of city plans, little to no action seen

Olivia Zimmerman, Staff Writer April 24, 2023

Fifteen years have passed since Chicago created the first Climate Action Plan (CAP) in 2008, and it has been a year since the release of the updated 2022 CAP. The original 2008 plan created a goal to...

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