Targeted scam email messages sent to DePaul employees

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In an email sent to the University community Friday, Information Services warned the community of multiple spear phishing and scam email messages requesting fake fund transfer requests. These requests have been sent to DePaul employees.

“It is clear from these emails that the attackers have made efforts to study the details of DePaul’s structure and identify key individuals for their phishing campaigns.  These attacks are unlikely to stop in the near future so it is important for all DePaul employees to be on the lookout for them,” the email in part said, “In most cases that we have seen, the attacker pretends to be a senior member of DePaul University, and are requesting a staff member to assist with an electronic funds transfer.”

Information Services warned the community to take caution and identify fake requests by looking at the “From” or “Reply-To” address to find out if the email comes from a address. If any individuals doubt an emails legitamacy they are encouraged to validate the requests with the individual on the phone or contact the Information Services Security team.

According to Information Services, there has been an increase in malicious attachment targeting DePaul users. To report any suspicious emails, contact the Information Services Security team at