Cubs clinch playoff spot on DePaul night

DePaul students were given the opportunity to watch a successful team win an important game. Also, they received a limited edition Cubs DePaul hat for Wednesday’s night home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This was one of 25 community events the Cubs host each year, with many of the proceeds going to various charities.

“I actually really like how these hats look,” says Jessica Hooper, a transfer sophomore film and t.v. major. “This would be my first Cubs game ever, so it is cool that we as DePaul students get the chance to walk away with some cool merch.”

Students mainly heard about this event via the DPUInvolvement Instagram page. “I saw on the DPUInvolvement Instagram that we could buy Cubs tickets, which were about $26, and also get a cool limited edition hat,” Brittany Sullivan, a freshman accounting major, said. “I told other friends of mine and a lot of them didn’t even know about [the community night]. I guess it wasn’t really advertised a lot.”

Students were given a link to purchase Cubs tickets for Wednesday’s game against the Pirates and were given special tickets to pick up their free hat before the game.

The night got better for fans as later on in the evening they witnessed the Cubs clinch a playoff berth for a franchise record fourth straight season.