When is the right time to listen to Christmas music?

It is once again the time of year for the age-old debate of when the appropriate time to begin playing Christmas music is.

For students like junior Natalie Trinidad, the right time to listen to Christmas music is on Nov. 1, but specifically at midnight when Halloween ends.

“The sooner you start listening to Christmas music, the more time you’ll have to enjoy the holiday season,” Trinidad said. “Christmas music is really good. Not only do most songs sound musically good, [but] a lot of the time the lyrics are very cheerful and joyful.”

Similarly, junior Isabel Rivera said anytime after Halloween is the proper time to listen to Christmas music. 

Christmas music is good in the Christmas season,” Rivera said. “Not every single Christmas song is good, but the general mood of the songs are good mood boosters especially during the beginning of winter. Christmas has positive connotations so Christmas music can bring joy during a season that may be stressful.”

Alternatively, sophomore Bennett Eller Baud and freshman Faith Mudra said the best time to listen to Christmas music is after Thanksgiving so fall can have its time to shine. 

Sure retail stores play it right after Halloween but I believe after thanksgiving is the right time to start listening to Christmas music,” Eller Baud said.

While the time that people begin to listen to Christmas music can be quite controversial, for many, the music is still something that sparks memories of family and togetherness. To remember her grandmother around the holidays, Trinidad will make tamales every year. Trinidad said she likes to make tamales around the holidays because that is what she and her grandmother used to do.

Trinidad said she spends a lot of time with her family during the break because she is given the opportunity to not commute back and forth to school.

When listening to Christmas music, I think about my sisters and I helping my mom decorate the tree,” Trinidad said. “I also think about warm hot chocolate and movie marathons my sisters and I would have with my parents.”

Rivera said her family also celebrates Christmas by eating tamales and decorating the house. She said Christmas music brings out her fond memories of putting up Christmas lights and building snowmen with her family. 

I will [be traveling home for break] because my family lives in Texas, so I want to spend the holidays with them like I always have in the past,” Rivera said.

Eller Baud said that while he does not get the same feeling he did when he listened to Christmas music as a kid, it always reminds him of family and the traditions his family practices every year.

“When I think of Christmas, some of the memories I remember are watching Christmas movies such as The Grinch, Home Alone, Frosty the Snowman and much more,” Eller Baud said. “I also remember making cookies with my family and going to the malls to shop for gifts. I can’t help but [also] remember leaving letters and cookies for Santa [as a kid].”

Mudra said listening to Christmas songs reminds her of when her whole extended family hangs out until 2:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve and opens presents, eats dessert and catches up on what is new in everyones’ lives.

Regardless of when someone decides to begin listening to Christmas music, the music brings them and their families together and sparks joy throughout the holiday season. To see some of DePaul students’ favorite Christmas songs, take a look at The DePaulia’s Spotify playlist.

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