Food & drinks that will make your Super Bowl party

And then there were two. This year’s Super Bowl matchup is set, with the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs squaring off for the coveted Lombardi trophy on Feb. 12. Not everyone is focused on the game, some are more interested in the commercials, food and half-time show. This is the one time of the year companies produce their best commercial content, making it the perfect time for friends and family to get together and catch up. 

With a week left before the big game, now is the time for people to start planning their Super Bowl parties. Are you hosting, attending a party or just watching the game at home but don’t know what to prepare? 

Here are some helpful tips. 

Party food

When it comes to food, an assortment of different appetizers is a great start. This way people can pick and choose what they want and there is always a variety of options for those who may have food allergies or are watching their health.  

“I really like anything with dips,” said Anthony Nissen, a junior at DePaul. “Obviously get those tortilla chips. Any sort of dips: guacamole, taco dip, salsa — whatever your flavor of the month is.”

One of the most popular food items for Super Bowl parties is chicken wings. 

“I think chicken wings are a necessary option,” Nissen said. “Hand grabbed food. If you are watching the game and don’t feel like doing all the dishware, wings save on dishes, especially if you are hosting a party. I really like the parmesan garlic wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. I’m much more of a savory sweet type. I can handle some heat, but I enjoy the taste over temperature.” 

Andrew Orrego, a sophomore at DePaul echoed his sentiments. 

“The number one thing for me is wings,” Orrego said. “Buffalo is preferable, but not everyone likes spicy food.”

In addition to wings, items that can be cooked or bought in bulk are always helpful for larger crowds. It’s hard to go wrong with nachos, pizza, meatballs and subs.

“Sandwiches,” Orrego said. “The party platters that are all sliced up. I love how there is an assortment of ham, bologna, and roast beef.” 

For dessert, cookies are an easy option. 

“Soft, chocolate cookies are the way to go,” Orrego said. “At the end of the night, you want something soft instead of something crunchy.” 



For people who are underage, soda, juice and water are perfect options for drinks. But for those who are over 21, beer has become synonymous with sports, especially the Super Bowl. Due to the vast options, it may be overwhelming for new beer drinkers to choose where to start. 

Domestic Beer

The easiest way to go when it comes to beer at a Super Bowl party is domestic. 

“I always say to my class there is drinking beer and tasting beer,” Joseph LeRoy, an adjunct professor focusing on beer at DePaul said. “Domestics are really meant to be drinking beer. By definition, the American Lager and the American Lite Lager are meant to have minimum flavor and be consumed by the masses in a very approachable way. Drinkability is prime.” 

Bud Lite and Miller Lite are two very popular domestics that are easy to drink. Looking for a beer with a higher alcohol percentage? Bud Lite Platinum is the way to go. Domestics also pair perfectly with most party foods including wings, nachos, burgers and pizza. 


For those who are exploring new horizons in craft beers and are looking for new things, you should try an IPA.  

“An IPA is a great idea to bring to a party for those who are more comfortable exploring what craft beer has to offer,” LeRoy said. “It pairs phenomenally with a lot of traditional football-focused foods. A greasy burger and salty fries. The bitterness in an IP does a phenomenal job of cutting the fat and providing the other end of the spectrum to balance a great meal. IPAs on their own can be abrasive due to the bitterness.” 

For IPAs, there are plenty of local distributors, andt is always fun to see what is produced in your community. 


Ever had a craft beer before and wanted to recreate it? Or just interested in creating something new and want to show off? Homebrewing is the perfect solution. How long it takes to brew depends on the style and how much sugar is in the beer.

“The yeast attacks, the sugar eats it and produces carbon dioxide and alcohol,” LeRoy said. “In doing that, you have to give yourself some time.”

For an experienced brewer who has a kegging system, it could take as quickly as two-three weeks. The window to start homebrewing for this year’s Super Bowl has already passed.

“If you are interested in homebrewing, there is no time like today to start getting involved,” LeRoy said. “Maybe by next year not only could you have a homebrew ready to take to a party, but you can be proud of it. It does take some trial and error. It’s like a science experiment.” 


For the more health-conscious people, seltzers are a perfect option. White Claws and Trulys are two very popular brands. 

“I would suggest if you are hosting a party, seltzers and non-traditional alcoholic beverages are a great idea to have,” LeRoy said. “People that are gluten intolerant, on a low calorie diet, or watching their carb intake. Non-beer drinkers who have a more experienced palette with wine will sometimes find seltzers more approachable.”