Weekend Mixtape: Halloween edition

Here’s a little Halloween themed mix featuring 21 tracks you can all listen to while you wait for that wonderful night filled with candy, costumes and other spooky surprises.


1. Ministry- Everyday is Halloween

2. Michael Jackson- Thriller

3. John Maus- Streetlight

4. Grimes- Night Music (feat. Majical Clouds)

5. Purity Ring- Fineshrine

6. The Knife- Silent Shout

7. Nine Inch Nails- Closer (uncut video)

8. Slasher- Institute For The Criminally Insane

9. Salem- Sick

10. Ritualz- Psychic Teens

11. White Ring- IxC999

12. Ritualz- Eye (Smashing Pumpkins cover)

13. King Dude- Witch’s Hammer

14. The Cure- A Short Term Effect

15. Gatekeeper- Chains

16. Goblin- Suspiria

17. Blank Dogs- Poison Ivy

18. The Soft Moon- Insides

19. Cold Cave- The Trees Grew Emotions and Died

20. The Shaggs- It’s Halloween

21. Daniel Johnston- Casper the Friendly Ghost

22. Danny Elfman- This is Halloween (from A Nightmare Before Christmas)

23. The Birthday Massacre- Happy Birthday

24. Akira Yamaoka- Theme of Laura (Silent Hill 2 soundtrack)

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