I deeply disagree with the comment by Ewart, “Most of the time bikers know exactly what they are doing. They understand that they are not going to get in the way of these cars at all,” she said. “But the cars don’t understand that. The cars don’t realize that we are just humans.”.

    Cars in general follow the a uniform set of rules. Partly because they all learned the same set when they learned to drive and partly to avoid tickets and accidents. Each and every cyclist follows their own set of rules. Where as you can predict what a car will do in most situations there is little to no way to predict what a cyclist will do at a stop sign, stop light, turn from whatever lane they may happen to be in, etc.

    Cars get the blame in most instances. Remember that bike lanes end at stop signs and lights. There will bikes to the left, right, on the sidewalk, splitting lanes, pulling up on the right of a car car with it’s right turn signal on to go straight and lots more, all at the same stop light.

    Until cyclists can maintain some form of uniformity there will be problems.