• Eugene

    Excellent article. As a fervent fan of SVU for years, then a lukewarm fan and now I couldn’t honestly call myself a fan but just a sometime watcher every few months,

    I find the portrayal of cops in this and many other police shows to be unrealistic and blatantly wishful thinking. Even after 16 years of encountering murder victims, rape victims, sexual assault victims and nearly being raped a couple of times herself, Benson has so far miraculously avoided burnout and psychological exhaustion. She’s so consistent in her compassion, caring and protectiveness of the underdog, that she’s comes across as being a machine, performing the same task with total precision. That’s not natural. She seemingly has not one prejudiced bone in her body, her mentality hasn’t hardened at all by her years on the streets and not one of her colleagues regular or otherwise has ever said a racist word.

    The attentiveness of SVU cops to victims would elevate them above Mother Teresa.