• Isaac Jarava

    I cant believe this got published about Wale Emanuel. This man was the most unexpected influence in my academic career. He listened to me and gave me advice on how to pass chemistry from when he took the class. I can honestly say he is the reason i passed 2nd quarter of gen chem. I know he will succeed with the sports economy school because he a genuine educator and he is open to consultation from students.

    • Adewale Emmanuel

      Dear Isaac,

      I remember you very well and I am very happy you wrote me a commentI remember your ability and your motivation and desire to study medicine, and I honestly believe those are the primary reasons you passed chemistry. I am very glad to hear that my instructions made it clear and easy for you I appreciation your support to SES and I have a “gift” in mind I hope to send your way very soon 🙂

      I wish you all the best and thank you for your comment.