• DPU Fan

    It appears my comment earlier was eaten, so I will repost. I agree with Olson. They should have never given this guy a job to begin with but if they are not going to get rid of him the least they can do is not give this man who obviously lacks Vincentian values a position of power lest they give off even more of an impression that they only care about the bottom line.

    DePaul needs to do something about this. It’s disgusting they’ve gotten this far with only that crappy PR non-statement. This isn’t going away. Students, their parents, alumni, faculty, we all know about it, and the longer this goes without a real comment, the more it will hurt DPU’s reputation.

  • J. K.

    I think it could be understandable, perhaps, that the committee that hired Gerald Koocher did so knowing these (at that point) unproved allegations relating to dean Koocher.

    That, I think, is not the scandal at DePaul.

    The scandal at DePaul is that after two months since the release of The Hoffman Report, which has confirmed those allegations, DePaul has done absolutely nothing.