• This movie shows how tough journalism is when you’re fighting organized crime, and all of the criminals refuse to tell the truth, and have followers and supporters everywhere

    This is a movie about organized crime, featuring the Catholic church, the largest organized child rape crime syndicate in the history of the US, and in

    BRUTAL defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14, where Jesus said childrape was unforgivable.

    The Catholic church is an organized crime syndicate worse than Whitey Bulger’s from Black Mass. This movie shows how the Catholic church exhibited the

    same “code of silence” that the mafia has, without the honor, as they were protecting at least 249 “confessed”pedo-priests in Boston.

    Whitey Bulger killed 20 adults. The creepy pedo-priests in the Catholic church raped over 1,000 children in Boston alone, thanks to 249 pedophile priests

    hidden and protected by hundreds of other priests, including Cardinal Law. (Only 90 were known at the time of the movie). The Catholic church admitted

    4,329 substantiated, accused pedophile priests in the US in their own John Jay report of 2004, and of course they lied. The number is well over 6,900.

    And the Catholic church hid & protected 100% of their known pedo-priests, worldwide (Matt 18:6-14).