DePaul Art Museum presents ‘Liminal Infrastructure’ May 14

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Pinhole cameras are often the smallest and simplest photographic devices, but as one of the world’s largest drove through Chicago as a shipping container, it produced stunning landscape photos of the city.

Images created by this camera, known as the Liminal Camera, will be on display at the DePaul Art Museum during “Liminal Infrastructure,” which runs May 14-Aug. 9. The exhibition was produced in collaboration with the Chicago Humanities Festival and features works by artists Lauren Bon, Richard Nielsen and Tristan Duke during their exploration of the Great Lakes region last fall.

“The Liminal Camera breaks down the photographic process to its most basic and raw elements,” Greg Harris, curator of the exhibition, said in a press release. “It makes people step back and think about how photographs originally came into the world, and that is really important in a time when our lives are inundated and saturated with digital images.”

The exhibition includes dramatic and large-scale photographs of Chicago up to 8 feet long, which Harris said gives viewers a ” truly unexpected and rare way for people to see the city’s infrastructure and historic locales.”

“Liminal Infrastructure” opens with a presentation by the artists and reception on May 14 at 4:30 p.m. at the DePaul Art Museum, 935 W. Fullerton Ave.