Days of Terror: “The Exorcist”


Lately,  I’ve been watching really terrible movies for this list. I am so excited to finally have been able to watch a good film — actually, a great film again. Although I have definitely seen it before, I didn’t remember how fantastic of a film “The Exorcist” is, and watching it has renewed my faith in this challenged. I feel as if the horrible film demon has been exercised out of me, and I’m ready to start anew with a positive attitude (let’s see how long this lasts).

Where I watched: DVD

Length: 122 minutes

Prior knowledge of the film: I’ve seen it before, but not in years.

I am never having kids

This is the second film on my list with a demon child (the first being “Rosemary’s Baby”), and it re-instilled in me that I will never in my life have a child. Even if they don’t end up completely satanic — by watching the movies on this list it’s become highly likely to me that they may — Regan reminds me of a significantly more violent 12-year-old. Regan swearing and having tantrums is more realistic to the 12-year-olds I’ve encountered in my life (unfortunately, including myself) than the sweet Regan from the beginning and end of the film, who makes a point to kiss priests that she doesn’t know on the cheek. From my years of experience as a babysitter and volunteer at events, Regan is a pretty realistic adolescent. Well, except for the projectile puking — save that for when they’re adults.

Was it actually scary?

This is definitely one of the scariest films I’ve ever seen on so many levels. It was the first film on my list where I have turned down the volume, or closed my eyes at parts (mostly when Regan is getting blood drawn because needles are more horrifying than any Satanic presence). Overall, every scene with Regan in it was terrifying. My mom has always told me that “The Exorcist” is the scariest film she has ever seen, and while “The Shining” still tops my list, I’m guaranteeing I will have trouble sleeping tonight.

Overall consensus

A seriously fantastic film. A terrific script, beautiful cinematography (I can’t get over the shot of Father Merrin walking up to the MacNeil’s Georgetown home) and incredible acting performances from everyone in the cast make this one of my new horror favorites. This is a film that’s so good, I actually want to see the sequels (which is incredibly rare for the horror genre).