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Days of Terror: “Afflicted”


One of the most creative and best executed films I have seen throughout this challenge, “Afflicted” was like a breath of fresh air in a never-ending challenge that is bringing down my spirits every day.

Where I watched: Netflix UK

Length: 85 minutes

Prior knowledge of the film: Nothing.

I have never cared so much about a horror film

In the 18 films I’ve watched for this horrible, soul-crushing challenge, I don’t think I’ve ever cared about a character and if they live or die (except Danny Torrance). This challenge has taken my compassion away from me, but “Affliction” was honestly such a good movie that it brought it back. Although I knew I was watching a horror movie, when things started going wrong for Derek I thought “Oh no, he’s ruining his vacation. I hope he gets better.” And I sincerely hoped that as well. Unfortunately, I’m watching horror movies and nothing ever turns out well.

Was it actually scary?

This movie was so scary. For the first time in a while, I found myself looking away (not out of disgust, like I did with “Tusk”), but out of genuine fear for what was going to pop out of the screen. I felt so badly for both of the main characters, and what they were going through that it was hard not to feel scared for them — especially while Cliff and Derek were still in the process of discovering what had happened to Derek. Derek was so terrified at what was happening to him, it was impossible not to feel compassion and fear for the terrified vampire.

Overall consensus

This was a great movie, and I am glad to have watched it. The acting by everyone in the film was entirely convincing, and I embarrassingly sometimes thought it was a documentary because of the brilliant decision to make “Afflicted” a found-footage film. Vampire films are normally so cheesy and unrealistic (but amazing at the same time), but through their choice to make a found-footage vampire film it became wholly realistic and incredibly well done.

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