Pretty Evil: ‘Beware of Young Girls’

Pretty Evil: Beware of Young Girls
Emma Roberts in the "Beware Of Young Girls" episode of SCREAM QUEENS airing Tuesday, Nov. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. (Photo by Patti Perret |FOX).
Emma Roberts in the “Beware Of Young Girls” episode of SCREAM QUEENS airing Tuesday, Nov. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. (Photo by Patti Perret |FOX).

Maybe because Chanel-o-ween is over, Chanel and the rest of the Kappas aren’t feeling as joyful about their sisterhood as they did in the previous episode of “Scream Queens.” This week episode tossed aside any sort of sister bonding and got right to plotting.

In possibly the most fashionable funeral to date, the Chanels, Kappa sisters and Wallace University students said goodbye to Chanel #2. The girls suggest using an Ouija board to ask Chanel #2 who the killer is, and things go array when Chanel #2 spells out “CHAD IS CHEATING” on the board. Chanel is upset and swears on Chad’s monogamous ways. Chanel #2 also reveals that Chanel is the killer, prompting the minions to begin to plot the murder of Chanel. However, their plans are ruined when Chanel #2 comes to Chanel in a dream, claiming she has come from Hell to apologize to Chanel in order to get to Heaven. With all bad blood resolved between the two, Chanel #2 warns Chanel of the other’s plan to kill her. Thanks to the warning, Chanel confronts the girls on their stupidity to plot a murder without her help. She even proved their failure by stating that giving her rat poison would just make her throw up and she would just end up skinnier. Chanel’s manipulative ways prevail as she gains back the trust of her fellow sisters with gifts of Nancy Drew hats and gigantic magnifying glasses to scope out the real killers, Grace and Zayday.

After hearing Chanel #2 claim Chad was cheating on Chanel, Chanel rushes over to the Dickie Dollar Scholar’s house to find Chad in bed with a goat. Our favorite complicated relationship seems to be headed to another end until Chad explains that he is lactose intolerant and must calm down the goat in order to get lactose free milk to drink, and Chanel believes his story.

While there wasn’t any escalation in Gigi and Wes’ relationship, this episode showed Grace trying to bond with Gigi over shopping for clothes that don’t have splashes of neon colors. Before the trip we saw Gigi on the phone with whom we assume the Red Devil is. However, Gigi claims that she is in love with the caller and the two are are “murderers hell bent on revenge.” While shopping with Grace, Gigi mentions a girl named Feather and Dean Munsch as something Grace should look into.

Grace and Pete are trying to dig into any angle they can for their investigative report for the school newspaper. After Gigi’s tip, Grace and Pete meet Feather, an ex Kappa sister forced to finish classes online because of crazy Dean Munsch. Feather tells the story of falling in love with her shaggy and bearded Beatles 101 professor, Steven. The two began a romance that turned serious so Steven thought it best to confess to his wife, Dean Cathy Munsch. After Steven Munsch asks the Dean for a divorce, according to Feather, the Dean went crazy.

Grace and Pete listen to Feather’s story where Feather swears she would go on record claiming the Dean has something to do with the murders on campus. As she is returning home, Feather finds what she thinks is a ketchup-stained arrow in the entryway. This leads to a cut off hand nailed to the wall with messages not in ketchup, but blood, leading her to the bedroom. The work looks like it could be courtesy of the Red Devil; however, he is nowhere in sight. Feather soon discovers Steven’s head chopped off and floating the fish tank. The sloppy detectives immediately arrest Dean Munsch for killing her ex-husband and possibly all other murders on campus.

Once inside a mental hospital, thriving while barking out orders and painting, the Dean has Grace and Pete visit. She tells them to investigate Feather as the killer of her ex-husband and in return she will give Grace information on the 1995 baby before she begins to have a meltdown.

Pete mysteriously is able to receive all the detective’s evidence from Steven’s murder and Grace discovers a half-eaten bologna sandwich as the crime scene. The two sneak into the scene of the crime to test DNA from Feather’s toothbrush to that of the consumer of the bologna sandwich.

When the detective finds the DNA a match, the Dean is released and Feather was sent to the mental hospital. Back at the Dean’s house that night, the Dean dances and drinks her way into happiness as she confesses that Feather did not kill her husband, she did, threatening there’s nothing worse than a woman scorned.


Gigi has told the presumed Red Devil that she is in love with him; however, we saw the Red Devil try to woo Zayday. This makes me think that Gigi was on the phone with another leader of the Red Devil clan, not one of the two chain-sawing loving murderer we see pop up on campus, a leader that could be the baby from 1995 that she kept with her in 53 Shady Lane. The two have motive to be hell bent on revenge. Another theory that seems much more extravagant is that Wes could have a split personality disorder and not know he is the Red Devil actually working with Gigi depending on what personality he is switching to. Seems a bit too much but this is the mind of Ryan Murphy so you can’t be too safe.

As for the Dean, I’m still not convinced she has anything to do with the Red Devil. She seems like just a crazy alcoholic woman with too many secrets.

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