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Last minute Chicago holiday gifts for 13 different personalities

 A great gift has a little bit of their personality in it and is something they typically wouldn’t buy themselves. The gift serves a purpose and fulfills a need in their life. So how do you find this perfect gift? Here are some local options based on your giftee’s personality.


Go for an ironic accessory or nifty t-shirt from Ragstock or Hollywood Mirror on Belmont Avenue. Then either ironically or not, celebrate Christmas right with a Mother Mary candle from the Dollar Store and include a list of upcoming free art galleries in the city.
Art galleries on the North Side:

Pet owners

They’re probably always covered in hair and run out of lint rollers really fast. Include a pet toy from the Dollar Store and buy a cheap frame to hold their favorite Instagram photo of their pet.

A learner

What’s shorter than a book, cheaper than a book and less likely to be returned? A great magazine. Sure they can be read online, but a really good one is worth flipping through in person. Try the Atlantic, New Republic, TIME or the Economist for news junkies. There are many more magazines that cater to every interest at any book store.

Fitness fanatic

Long haired people are always losing hair ties. Buy a few dozen from the dollar store and include a map of unexplored running/biking routes in the city and a list of new remixes for their playlist.

A sap

This is the easiest friend to get away with being poor (cheap) with. They’ll love you even if the only thing you gift them is a scrawled note that says, “money can’t buy our kind of friendship”
(Katie Tamosiunas/The DePaulia)
(Katie Tamosiunas/The DePaulia)

A child at heart

Get lost in the Rotofugi toy store and pick up something adorable like a sloth teabag holder. For an artsy man/woman-child, check out an intricate adult coloring book and supply with markers.

A wino/beer drinker

Give your special intoxicated individual what they really want: an assortment of local holiday-themed craft beers or a set of new beer or wine glasses.

Movie fanatic

Skip Orville Redenbacher’s and splurge with a giant tub of Garrett’s popcorn and fancy European chocolate. Then surprise them with a list of best unknown movies on Netflix.

Sports fan

Based on the sport, give them a gift that will enhance their game-watching experience. Try chip and dip bowls with their team’s logo, tailgate materials or a bleacher pad to make sitting at the games more comfortable.


Pick up unique sauces from beloved restaurants from around the city like BBQ from Lillie’s Q in Wicker Park or Hienie’s Hot Sauce in Trumbull Park.

(Josh Leff / The DePaulia)
(Josh Leff / The DePaulia)

Music lover

Records are expensive, but since you’re laying out the dough, top that with tickets to see a local show at a classic Chicago venue like the Metro, Thalia Hall, Lincoln Hall, Schubas or Subterranean.

Aspiring comedian

Watch the pros or jump in at an open mic with tickets to an iO Theatre, Annoyance Theatre, Zanies, Theatre 773 or Second City comedy show.

High-class wino

A corkcicle is a high-tech wine cork that airates a bottle while also keeping it cool. Pair that with a fancy wine bottle bag so they don’t have to carry their vino around in a paper bag. Or lower their standards entirely with tickets for a Wrigleyville bar crawl.
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