Movies to check out this weekend

The Music Box Theatre is playing a wonderful cult classic as well as a couple of new Sundance-selected films that you won’t find at your local AMC theatre. View the trailers below and click the movie’s title to be taken to Music box’s site for ticket prices and show times.

Dune (1984)

Directed by David Lynch, Dune was based on the hefty sci-fi master piece of the same name, a book many considered un-filmable due to the story’s shear length and complexity. Lynch gave it his best shot and adapted the story in his own unique surrealist style. Unfortunately, the resulting movie was largely panned by critics and fans upon release. Lynch himself later disowned the movie, having his name removed from the credits in future re-releases. Despite its initial failure, the film has since achieved cult-status for Lynch’s unique take on the source material. The Music Box Theatre will be doing a single midnight showing this Friday.

The Loneliest Planet (2011)

The Loneliest Planet is a German film that focuses on two young lovers who go backpacking in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia. While there, they experience a shocking event that changes them both forever. Will there their relationship be able to survive this change? What happens when the person you know and love turns into a total stranger?

The House I Live In (2012)

The House I Live In is an award winning documentary that explores America’s “War on drugs” policy and its far-reaching ramifications. It was awarded the “Grand Jury Prize” for best documentary at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Keep The Lights On (2012) writer Andrew O’hehir writes in his review: “…A loving but entirely fearless portrait of gay urban life at the turn of the millennium, seen through the prism of one dysfunctional love affair… “Keep the Lights On” is an instant landmark in gay cinema, and easily the finest dramatic film I saw at Sundance this year.”

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