Take note: Lollapalooza street style inspiration

With Lollapalooza rounding the corner featuring talented headliners like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack White, Florence & the Machine, and Avicii, I’m sure remarkable style will come along with them. Music festival style in general can be described as grungy with a splash of bohemian.

While talking with a friend about the fashion choices of Lolla frequenters, she portrayed them as “hipsters.” While hipster was once a very narrow term, I feel that it does not truly mean anything anymore. It just describes a person that differs from the “mainstream,” which is 97 percent of DePaul, and Lollapalooza attendees. Whilst investigating Lollapalooza style online, I was rather surprised about what I came upon. I saw everything from festival painted bodies, to flower crowns and Native American head dresses. Some looks feature black shredded tops and holey jeans, others have a bohemian feel with tunics and high buns. Long, wavy hair with streaks of color seem to be a must. Flowers, head pieces, and hats with a quirky twist are great accessories to pile on.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk that weekend, there will always be a guy in a Speedo/fannypack combo taking the attention off of you. Speaking of fanny packs, it is not a bad idea to pick one up. This is a smart way to avoid being a victim of theft during Lolla. American Apparel has stylish and affordable options to help you not look like a fashion victim..  This made me extremely happy, now I know that when I am packing for Lolla, I too can dress a little bit out there and not be afraid to steer away from my everyday looks. I know I’ll be bobbing my head in homemade cut off shorts, Wellies, long braids, and obnoxious rhinestone earrings.

You can copycat a lot of these looks by taking a trip to Free People, Urban Outfitters, (or the Urban Outlet) ordering some gear online from Nasty Gal, or picking some swag up at Jac Vanek; a little known grungy brand.

If you just want to make a few small updates to your already amazing concert wardrobe, I recommend a trip to H&M. I recently adopted a flower crown, and many forms of dangling, rhinestone earrings from there great collection of inexpensive accessories. This is a great alternative to buying a whole new wardrobe for the three day event.

Low-cost accessories, or DIY projects, will not break the bank, and you can afford to lose them in the massive crowds. Another easy style fix? Fresh flowers. One can easily braid their hair and tuck small daisies, or a different flower of your choosing, throughout the braid for a boho chic look. Another option is to check out your local Goodwill or second hand store. I buy worn in, mens Levi jeans. I bleach them and let them sit in the sun to soften and fade, then cut them to your desired length and shred the ends, make holes wherever you want, dye them, stud them….etc. Not only are these great for Lollapalooza, but they only look better with age.

Here are some of my favorite picks for the coming festival. Not all of them are reasonable purchases, but this is pure inspiration! You can easily find like items at Forever 21, UO, H&M, and numerous other stores.