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‘Walking Dead’: Holding viewers hostage?

“The Walking Dead” season finale was more hyped up than the walkers and might not have lived up to the expectations. It was slow, very predictable and it left fans wondering, “Why is the group still alive?”

At the midseason finale of season four, the Governor attacked Rick Grimes’ gang for control of the prison. Rick’s crew overcame the onslaught and the group was separated. This season Frank Darabont, creator of the show, showed what it’s like when members of a tight group, much like a family, are each pushed to their breaking point. Daryl Dixon lost Beth Greene to a mysterious kidnapper, Carol Peletier had to kill Lizzie Samuels and Rick went back to doing whatever it takes to protect the things he loves.

Although the characters’ melt downs kept fans interested, it took awhile to reach the heart pounding, nail-biting action and suspense we’ve come to expect. In season one, fans fell in love with the idea of a zombie filled world. Then in season two, many jumped on the idea that maybe a normal life can be lived with the walkers. Season three fans were hooked between the battle of Rick and the Governor. The first half of season four resolved the conflict between Rick and the Governor, but the second half was very lethargic.

“This season seemed slow, right after they separated from the prison…” Lili Tao, DePaul alum and Walking Dead fan, said.

Throughout this season, there was a lot of walking on train tracks and character development. The hope of reaching another safe haven, like Woodbury or the Prison, just dragged out too long and there were some episodes that went off on tangents. A whole episode shouldn’t have been dedicated to Bob Stookey and Sasha, and it shouldn’t have taken four seasons to learn who Daryl was before the outbreak.

“The pace never picked up. It became apparent they (the writers) had a very specific plan. It seemed the plan was to make the plot slower,” Jeffrey Carrion, computing and digital media professor at DePaul, said. “For me it was a little too late. They had lost me quite awhile back.”

It definitely took too long to get to Terminus and fans agreed that it was very apparent that this new safe haven wasn’t going to be all it was made out to be.

“They definitely made it too obvious, especially when Rick and the group was trying to find their way out of Terminus,” Tao said.

Even twisted Joe, head of the marauder gang, doubted that a place would welcome random people with open arms. When Glenn Rhee and his group got to Terminus, there was suspiciously no one protecting the door, a sign to “lower your weapons” and a creepy woman offering free food, in a time where supplies are scarce. There definitely was going to be something wrong with the sanctuary.

“After you saw it, it was so obvious it was evil,” Carrion said.

Season finales always leave daunting questions, but this last episode left fans wondering why Rick’s gang is still alive.

“Maybe to eat them later? Maybe the people of Terminus will recruit them as part of their force,” Tao said.

Carrion had a great idea why they were kept alive and confirmed his theory with other Walking Dead followers. He explained how the beginning scene of the season finale, with Rick showing Carl and Michonne the rabbit trap, resembled Terminus’ snipers funneling Rick and the group into the train cart. Just like the rabbit trap, the animal is led to the noose and caught. Similar to the Terminus snipers shooting at the feet of Rick and his loved ones, they were led to the cart and caught. Also, just like Rick caught the rabbit for food, Carrion believes the Terminus crew is going to eat the gang.

Tao and Carrion guess the Terminus people are cannibals, but nothing is truly confirmed on the direction Darabont and his writers will take in season five.

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