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Pretty in parkas: Canada Goose coats flying off the racks

Canada Goose probably didn’t expect in 1957 when it was founded in a small Toronto warehouse under the name of Metro Sportswear Ltd. that celebrities like Lucy Liu, Matt Damon and Kate Upton would be wearing their coats as a fashion statement in 2014.

“I never knew it would be such a trendy thing because I’m not that fashionable,” Logan Salvadore, an 18-year-old DePaul freshman from Seattle said. “Now I have this unspoken bond with a person whenever I see them with the goose patch.”

Salvadore is referring to the sartorial red, white and ice blue patch located on every Canada Goose jacket. It reads “Canada Goose Arctic Program.”

“You can see a Canada Goose coat from a distance,” Salvadore said. “You can tell it’s a quality coat and it always has that white Canada Goose patch.”

The marquee Canada Goose patch landed as a fashion trend in 2014 as stores across the country have been sold out and flocks of its wearers have spread from the Arctic Circle to Chicago to the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

“I’m definitely starting to see it more and more around [DePaul’s] campus,” Salvadore said.

Canada Goose, Inc.’s headquarters is in Ontario, and unlike The North Face and Patagonia coats-which are mass-produced and made in China- Canada Goose prides itself on the fact their coats are exclusively made in Canada, according to the company’s website.

Alex Miranda, a 37-year-old assistant manager at Nordstrom in the Westfield Old Orchard shopping center, noted that Canada Goose appeals to the most discerning of fashionistas and is consistently on backorder.

“People can tell the quality of Canada Goose by just looking at it and feeling it,” Miranda said. “A coat that’s made in Canada is just a different breed than a coat that’s made in China.”

As of January 2014, Canada Goose coats have been sold out and on backorder at Nordstrom in Old Orchard, despite a price of between $600- $900, according to Miranda who takes regular stock inventory.

Considering the record-breaking subzero temperatures this winter in Chicago, there has been no better time to stay warm and look chic.

“The polar vortex this year has had our Canada Goose jackets flying off the racks,” Miranda said. “Not only that, but Canada Goose parkas have vibrant colors and athletic fits that don’t give you a boxy look. We sold our entire inventory this winter season.”

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