Get to know your editors: Michael Corio

Hello! My name is Michael Corio, your new editor-in-chief of the DePaulia. I am a senior with a double major in journalism and political science, and a minor in Spanish (can anyone say olé?).

I’ve been involved with the DePaulia for four years now, from reporting to being both the Nation & World and Managing Editor. I want this position to use my past experiences to continue improving and upholding the highest standard for the newspaper, both online and in print. Luckily, I work with a talented team of editors that share my passion for journalism and are incredibly skilled at what they do.  

When not at the paper or in class, my hobbies include voraciously reading about history and politics, indulging in the occasional sci-fi novel, playing a round of tennis or skiing (when I am near my hometown of Albuquerque, NM-“Breaking Bad,” anyone?) or just taking a bike ride.

On Saturday night, you’ll typically find me relaxing with friends or going out for a night on the town.

My favorite thing about DePaul is the dynamic atmosphere that students bring to campus, and the exciting and unexpected surprises that come from going to college in a major metropolis.

Although a tough decision, I have to say James Block’s ‘Transforming America’ class was among the best I’ve taken at DePaul, opening my eyes up to the deep social narratives that continue to transcend contemporary American attitudes and value systems, and how they differ fundamentally from other civilizations.

I love eating a spicy breakfast burrito with green chili while catching up on my daily dose of international and U.S. news. 

I’m secretly obsessed with traveling, and want to see the world in my lifetime any way I can.

You can’t take me away from my laptop, Associated Press phone app or wristwatch.

This summer, I’ve been enjoying the sights and sounds of my hometown Albuquerque, living it up with a few close high school friends and working in marketing for a solar energy company.  

I can’t wait for the school year to begin to see what great things are in store for the newspaper, and am looking forward to the great times and memories that have yet to be made.