Looking towards the stars

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Looking towards the stars

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We’ve all talked about it at some point in our lives. Whether you’re trying to figure out who shares your birthday month, or trying to start small talk on a first date, most people have explored their horoscopes. However, students’ fascination with astrology goes beyond just the date of your birth. By simply knowing the time and place of your birth, a chart of moons, stars and suns can appear giving you characteristics to associate with your emotions and personality. It allows you to go beneath the surface of someone’s identity and form connections based off their location in the galaxies.

Zodiac signs are broken down into 12 separate categories, associated with specific dates in the months. These signs are, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn.  Each of the signs are characterized with their own strengths and weaknesses, specific traits and compatibility with other people. These signs can also be broken down into four elements: water, earth, fire and air. The elements go further by looking into the energies each human possesses within and how that correlates with one’s behavior and way of thinking.

While some may be satisfied with just their birth date, if you are into astrology you may have looked up your birth chart to find where you are placed within the universe. What these charts are able to do is look at the position of the planets and stars within your chart, based off your sign

DePaul junior Admaira Roman loves the idea she can build connections with others by tying together both their traits and their signs.

“Lately, I’ve been able to pick what people’s signs are because I’m more spiritual,” Roman said. “I really like when I’m able to feel someone’s energy and be like ‘that’s their sign.’ There’s this guy at work and he was a Taurus, and I always talk to Taurus’. When I get it right, that makes me really happy. I get super excited.”

In this day and age where spirituality is often used to condemn and place judgment onto others, you can find many students on DePaul’s campus seeking answers from a unique set of powers. These beliefs have nothing to do with a book of scriptures, or praying on your knees: it’s all extraterrestrial.

Roman, who is a Libra, started getting into astrology towards the end of high school. It wasn’t until she came to DePaul that she became fascinated with going beyond her horoscope, to look at her rising sign, moon sign and other details found on her birth chart. Not being a fan of the church as an “institution,” she prefers this form of spirituality because of its lack of rules.   

“I realized a lot of traits within me (…) I’m always really neutral and I understand both sides of things really easily,” Roman said. “Zodiac signs and birth charts contribute to my spirituality. Religion tries to shape a person and tell you what you can and can’t do. Within astrology, you work on being a better version of yourself. Everyone is on their own journey and you’re able to self-reflect without being told you need to do this to go to heaven or hell.”

DePaul junior Josue Ortiz, also waited until college to become interested in understanding horoscopes. Gemini, Ortiz who finds the activity to be recreational for himself, is attracted to the idea of people having similar thought patterns because of when they were born.

“I’m currently dating a Virgo and my best-friend is a Virgo. Same exact birthdate as well. I was like those signs are relationships that are long-lasting. That’s very interesting to me,” Ortiz said. “Gemini’s are air,  that means we’re quick to go and our minds are always wandering. Virgo’s are earth, so they’re grounded, and the anchor to the Gemini. Sometimes I get so distracted and my fellow Virgo companion helps me get things d

Ortiz, who is also a fan of fellow Gemini Kanye West, finds comfort in the fact he is able to find similarities with someone that goes against the status quo

“There was one time I think he was on Jimmy Kimmel where he said, ‘I say things that aren’t the popular opinion.’ I really felt that,” Ortiz said. “That’s one thing I think comes from (being a) Gemini. When there is one group saying this is the way it has to be, as a Gemini, I take that as a challenge to not be that way.”

This curiosity with the stars can also be seen on other campuses here in Chicago. Amanda Mclin, a junior at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, looks at her relationship with astrology being interconnected with her own religion.

“If you really look into someone’s birth chart, you can get an glimpse into who that person is,” McLin said. “I don’t feel like my relationships to horoscopes are because a lack of spirituality somewhere else. It’s all gone hand-in-hand. You’re a whole being living multiple aspects of your life, why should you come to your life with just one if your life is multifaceted?”

In McLin’s eyes it’s not the sign that makes her who she is, rather, because of who she is, she loves her sign.

“I’m a Capricorn and although I’m an artist and very expressive, I’m still grounded. It wasn’t I read my horoscope, and was like, ‘oh, I’m grounded.’ That’s always how I’ve been,” McLin said.

After doing some recalculations in 2016, NASA discovered the 13th sign, Ophiuchus, for those born between Nov. 29 to Dec. 17. With several reports saying there’s an abundance of stars that might have been forgotten in the original count, it’s hard to tell if this new one will cause any shift. However, for astrology-lovers like Ortiz, if this is the case he’s ready for the adjustment.

“If it affects all the horoscopes, that’ll be something to work on. I’m up for the possibilities and I’ll adapt to whatever situation happens. I feel, that in itself, is a Gemini skill.”