Chester’s next move has a nice ring to it

    Felicia Chester has a lot to celebrate this spring. After being named an I-AAA Scholar-Athlete for the second year in a row by the Division I-AAA Athletics Directors Association (DI-AAA ADA) in early April, the senior forward of DePaul’s Women’s Basketball team recently became engaged to her boyfriend of two years, Corey Wootton. The 6’3, St. Louis native could not be more excited about her new fiancé as well as her academic accomplishments.

    As Northwestern’s defensive end, Wootton, met Chester through a mutual friend two years ago and the couple has been together ever since.

    “He’s my best friend,” she said. “We talk about everything.”

    Supporting each other throughout injuries and challenging seasons has kept them close and helped solidify the pair’s relationship. Speaking at least twice a day and always before bed, they understand the importance of making time for each other.

    “Corey is always around campus supporting Felicia,” said women’s basketball coach Doug Bruno. “He comes to our games, he rebounds for Felicia when she is in the gym practicing on her own, and he is a good guy to Felicia’s teammates.”

    During a recent trip to Wootton’s family home in Rutherford, N.J., Chester returned the favor and stood by her man as he waited for the call holding the fate of his future football career. After two ‘nerve-wracking’ nights of the NFL Draft had passed and he had still not heard from a prospective coach or team, she praised his positivity throughout the entire stressful situation.

    However, whether or not he had secured a position by the third and final round on that Friday night, he had another mission to accomplish.

    “I had planned on doing it right after I got drafted,” Wootton said of his marriage proposal. “I couldn’t wait any longer.”

    Chester immediately accepted.

    “His timing was surprising because it had been kind of a rough day,” she said. “But it was just so exciting.”

    Surrounded by friends and family, the newlyweds celebrated and finally welcomed an offer from the Bears the next morning.

    “It worked out for the best,” he said.

    With Chester anticipating him playing far away, his proximity to DePaul will allow her to continue her support as he transitions into professional football and him to follow her final year as a Blue Demon in which she hopes to lead her team to victory in the NCAA Championship.

    “It’s an honor,” said Chester of being recognized for both her commitments to her teammates along with her coursework. “It’s equally rewarding.”

    Bruno also recognizes her devotion on the court and in the classroom. “More importantly than just her getting ‘good grades’, Felicia embraces the concept of education and constantly competes to challenge herself to get better academically,” he said. “It is not enough for Felicia Chester to only get ‘good grades’, she must do so working hardest to become the most educated she can be.”

    Balancing homework with relationships became second nature after playing for four seasons and mastering the concept of time management.

    With an understanding family and Wootton’s similar lifestyle, Chester has no problem keeping up with such a demanding schedule.