GTKYE Holiday Edition: Max

Graphics Editor Max Kleiner is spending his winter break as a cat. Not working a bunch, as per usual, finishing out his nap as well as his bowl of Fancy Feast. Max loves Chanukahtime more than a lot of things, so he spent his free time decorating Courtney Jacquin‘s apartment with hairballs, playing with string, attending the litterbox, stalking Courtney as a small child while ice skating at Millennium Park, napping and laying on Courtney’s laptop while she visits the Chriskindlemarket. Courtney’s boyfriend doesn’t have a cat, so Max doesn’t like Courtney’s boyfriend. Courtney’s family does the majority of their Christmas celebrating on Christmas Eve where her mother has two stupid cats and Max pisses everyone off by rolling around in all of the wrapping paper and ribbons. Christmas Day is spent with her dad’s cat while Courtney and her dad see a movie (hopefully Les Meows this year) and go out to eat. The rest of the holiday time will be spent hoarding small rodents and birds before Courtney finds my stash. Max also spent a bit of time posing for sweatshirt embroidery for mommy sweaters, before he decided to spend his break as a cat.


He also is going to Catifornia for Christmas and New Years, as a human, unfortunately. Meow.