Senior advisors, some helpful advice we wish we’d have gotten as freshmen


The first week on campus may seem like a walk in the park. Throughout your academic pursuits, there will definitely be times where the overload of schoolwork will come crashing down or your roommate burns popcorn or it’s still unknown what room number your night class is in by week five. It happens to everyone. The short quarters at DePaul take some time to get used to and before you know it, you’re studying for midterms and then when you turn in your midterm you get handed a study guide for the final. After four years of doing it, things become routine and it begins to feel like clockwork.

The good news, or bad depending on some students’ time at DePaul, is that there’s a definitive end to our time here. Whether that means continuing academic endeavors, relocating for a new job, remaining put in Chicago or even having absolutely no idea what the heck to do, things will be just fine. Spending four years here has supplied many students with the helpful tidbits for Chicago transportation, financial sustainability and the right social life for you. Here is some senior advice to hopefully aid you in your time at DePaul. Maybe a few of these can save you from being late to class or being stuck in a boring one.