Suit up: Top Chicago tailors

Are you a guy that likes custom detailing, one-of-a-kind buttons and colorful, patterned linings? In 2005, Nicolas Joseph launched Nicolas Joseph Custom Suits, a custom clothing business that specializes in custom suits, shirts, coats and polos. “We work with the customer and walk them throughout the store to pick the style that suits them,” Joseph said.

Nicolas Joseph first started with a website where one could pick a fabric and design a custom shirt, suit, trouser or sport coat online. He now has four

Photo courtesy of Nicolas Joseph.
Photo courtesy of Nicolas Joseph.

studio locations in Chicago: the Loop, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and the South Loop. Nicolas Joseph carries the finest fabrics coming from England, Italy and Spain. Bespoke is one of their most popular lines of suits, which are made in the local Chicago area. They even have clothing packages where men can choose from shirts and pants only, to a combination of suits, shirts and ties. “We design for the more creative customer,” Joseph said.

Balani Custom Clothiers is a family-owned, custom clothing business that dates back about 50 years. Balani is known for their unique customer service experience, which begins with a glass of champagne and  one-on-one consultation from one their professional clothiers. The customer then gets to select their fabric of choice in which the clothier gives a detailed description of the composition and durability for each type of fabric. “We can style the garment depending on the type of client we work with,” owner Peter Balani said.

The clothier and the customer work on styling details starting with the number of buttons on a jacket down to the buttonhole thread color. Thirty measurements are taken and after six to eight weeks, the garment is completed and ready for a final fitting. Fabrics are imported from all over the world, such as Italy, the United Kingdom and several different countries in Europe.

Opened in 1929, Richard Bennett’s Custom Tailors & Shirt-makers is a family-owned custom clothing business that goes back three generations. Richard Bennett’s six master tailors are making and customizing suits in the back of their showroom right in downtown Chicago.  All six of their master tailors have about 50 years in custom tailor experience. Each of their tailors is an expert in their own skill, whether it is hand sewing button holes on a coat or hand pressing garments.  Every single detail of the suit is handcrafted starting from the coat and shirt, and down to the pants. They carry exclusive European fabrics imported from Italy, England and Scotland.