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Before the Flood

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Produced by and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, “Before the Flood” is an in-depth look at climate change as DiCaprio travels the world exploring its devastating effects and impacts.

DiCaprio interviews powerful subjects such as Barack Obama, Pope Francis and Elon Musk. He inquires about the threat of climate change. Directed by Martin Scorsese and produced by National Geographic, this film is your best bet if you’re looking to learn more about climate change while also getting to look at and hear DiCaprio at the same time.

The film also focuses partly on climate change denial among politicians and lobbyists in the United States. The film presents the overarching question of “Can this all be reversed? And if so, how?” Intended to spur a sense of urgency in the viewer, this film is an entertaining and convincing look at a hot topic of discussion today. The fact that it premiered in 2016 makes the film even more powerful, since little has been done in the intervening years to combat those effects.


National Parks Adventure

Photo courtesy of IMDB

Narrated by Robert Redford, this documentary takes you on a virtual adventure through our nation’s national parks. The cinematography is visually stunning from beginning to end, and the film provides plenty of background information on how our national parks were formed and what exactly they protect.

The Native American history of these lands and their current importance in the grand scheme of the American identity is made clear. The actual lands that are protected are discussed in depth along with the diverse  species of wildlife they harbor, many of which are threatened by man. We even follow a group of mountain climbers as they travel throughout numerous parks in the American West. Some parks that may be familiar are Yellowstone, Redwood National Forest and the Everglades, all of which appear in the film.

This documentary is perfect for anyone who just wants to learn a bit more about “the people’s parks.” It offers picturesque views of the parks and the wildlife therein that are nearly impossible to get anywhere else. Coming in at about 40 minutes long, this is the perfect film for anyone looking to sit down for a bit and learn something new.