DePaul’s Timeline of Fame

Have you ever been sitting on the freshly mowed grass of the Quad, maybe you have been ordering a mediocre cup of coffee from The Bean while simultaneously running late for your 9:40 lecture in the SAC, and you wonder, what celebrities have passed through these hallowed halls on their way to stardom?

With DePaul being a school in the middle of Chicago, there has to have been at least one notable alumni. In fact, there has been a plethora of celebrities who can call DePaul their home away from home. Now,

next time you need bragging rights about DePaul, just mention that the man who created RumChata once sat in our Student Center.

Although there are some people on this list that could be put onto DePaul’s Timeline of Fame, they have a rightful place on this page. Whether one became famous from their advance basketball skills like George Milken, who graduated in 1946, or because they blew open the Russia-US investigation back in 2017, (George Papadopoulos), they belong on this timeline. Now, go brag about all the famous people that might have once sat in the SAC Pit, just like you.


CORRECTION: The description of DePaul University as “scandal ridden” has been removed from the second paragraph. The DePaulia regrets this characterization.