Potatoes to the rescue

Spuds provide perfect side for any plate

Whether it be a midnight snack or a holiday meal, potatoes give you many options to choose from, bringing you an instant rush of joy and a carb overload. Potatoes are the superhero of any meal, and each time they end up saving the day.

You may be wondering how potatoes are even remotely related to superheroes, but think about it for a second. What saves a bad burger better than french fries? On top of that, don’t forget the variety of french fires. There is string, waffle, streak, crinkle, curly; the possibilities are truly endless. There is a type of potato for every meal of the day: breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. It’s comparable to when Batman saved Gotham City for the millionth time and everyone was overjoyed. Now compare that to your boring morning omelet that was saved by the crispy, golden pile of hash browns you didn’t think you needed, but did.

“I think that baked potatoes are one of the best sides,” said Abigail Kayman, a senior at DePaul. “They go with basically everything. Salad? Baked potato. Fish? Baked potato. Burger? Baked potato. Com on. So good.”

Potatoes are definitely America’s favorite vegetable, with every person consuming about 110 pounds of potatoes a year. Ever wonder how many chips you eat while watching Black Panther save Wakanda? Let’s just say the average American eats over four pounds of potato chips each year. About 40 percent of yearly potato consumption is of frozen french fries and other frozen potato types, according to the National Potato Council.

Potatoes are the saving grace of holidays, picnics, parties and every other gathering involving a large number of hungry adults, kids and probably dogs. They will never fail you. They may not turn out the way you want them to, like how the Avengers tend to cause a lot of damage before saving the day, but in the end, you can’t go wrong with a potato salad or chips. They bring good memories, good food and plenty of options–even for the pickiest of eaters.

“My favorite memories with potatoes would be making potato latkes with my grandma during Hanukkah,” Kayman said. “It’s a family tradition that we make them all together and still do. It was a whole day production so truly an amazing memory.”

If you look back at every holiday you’ve had, there was probably a steaming side of buttery homemade mashed potatoes or roasted baby reds seasoned up with just the right amount of rosemary, salt and butter. Those summer cookouts won’t be complete without your local grocer’s potato salad you picked up on your way there because you are a last-minute type of person, but that’s okay because potatoes have saved the day again, like Iron Man – Tony Stark – did after Spiderman failed to save the people on the ferry boat.

“Tony Stark would be a loaded baked potato,” said Katherine Holmes, a DePaul junior. “Very flashy and might make you regret it later as it’s got so much going on.”

You can’t forget about the original go-to for potatoes – chips. Every person loves chips –on the side of a sandwich, hot dog, soup or just sticking your fingers in a bag half full of air and salt. But it’s still worth that $3. Think of all the birthday parties that have multiple bowls of different styles of potato chips with every dip you could pick up from Jewel. For those who still want to keep up their diet but indulge on salty, crunchy goodness, baked potato chips are now available to, once again, save the day.

“Waffle fries would be Superman because they kind of look like abs,” Kayman said. “But Superman could also be some original Lays potato chips because, like him, they are the OG.”

No matter what the occasion calls for, potatoes will bring a staple food item to each one. They were one of the most diverse foods on the planet, even coming in different colors such as orange and purple, offering a whole new flavor-packed punch in each bite. There are many superheroes in the world, and all offer their own special skills just like potatoes do. French fries are best made from russet potatoes, scalloped dishes with Yukon Gold and sweet potatoes of course, for that delicious sweet potato pie that never fails to disappoint when the holidays come around and for grandma’s cooking.

“I think roasted potatoes would be Wonder Woman,” said Hannah Czarnecki, a DePaul junior. “They are always seasoned the best and flavorful. They’re adaptable to any season and don’t make you feel bad about yourself like after you eat a bunch of fries or mashed potatoes.”

Don’t forget your favorite bag of potato chips when you see “Avengers: Endgame.” The more superheroes in the theater, the better.