A look at America’s favorite sweets


Graphics by Gina Ricard

People hand out everything from chocolate treats to gum to homemade baked goods. But even with the increase in candy sales since 2015, there is still a major chunk of the population that does not hand out candy at all. These people may be too busy at parties or watching spooky movies, or they may just hate fun and candy. Halloween doesn’t need them. There are enough spooks and candy for the rest of us!

In many suburbs, there are huge competitions within the neighborhood for the best Halloween house. And really, the decision comes down to the candy being handed out. When choosing what to hand out to trick-or-treaters, people consider many factors, such as personal preference, affordability and even perceptions of what good treat-givers hand out. The desire to be the best house on the block each Halloween season could explain the fact that 32 percent of the population spent up to $50 on Halloween candy last year. Regardless of which house is best, everyone has those brands they love and those they are disappointed to see fall into their bag.