Don’t forget about your pets this holiday season

When it comes to the holidays, giving and receiving gifts is a major focus. Most people are focused on getting gifts for their spouses, parents or kids to show them how much they appreciate them. 

But the one thing that doesn’t get appreciated enough is our pets. 

They are the ones who are waiting at the door for you to come home and who are constantly showing you love. They are always there to listen to us even though they can’t talk back. We are the one and only thing our pets can count on and look forward to – essentially, we are all they know. 

So this time of year is not just about showing love to your two-legged friends and family, but to show how much we appreciate and love our four-legged friends and family, too. 

Here are some of the best gifts to get your pets this holiday season. 

When you aren’t home, most pets are lying around waiting for you to get home, so getting them something comfortable to lie on could be nice.

“I got my dog a thermal heated bed last Christmas,” said Kayla Favia, a 25-year-old Chicago resident. “My 2-year-old black lab, Benny, is obsessed with it. Whenever he’s not running around, he’s always resting on his heated bed. I would say it’s one of the best gifts I’ve got for him, and I would say he appreciates it, too.”

With the cold weather here in Chicago, another popular thing you see small dogs wearing are jackets and coats to protect them from freezing temperatures. 

“My favorite gift that I got my dog is a Canada Goose dog jacket,” said Rachel Moore, a  24-year-old Chicago resident. “To be honest, they are too damn expensive to get one for myself, so why not get one for my dog, which is a lot more affordable.”

For some people, they might not have the funds to afford gifts for humans, let alone their pets, so being creative always helps.

“Most Christmases, I just wrap up old dog toys that I already had,” said Jason Scally, a 26-year-old Chicago resident. “Luckily, our dog loves us and gets excited no matter what we give him; he’s easily pleased.” 

Everyone knows dogs love people food and that they shouldn’t be given it that often. But a little bit during the holidays can’t hurt. 

“For the last five years, I’ve got my dog a T-bone steak for Christmas,” said John Holmes, a 52-year-old Chicago resident. “I’m sure they get sick of that dry food they eat every day, so getting him something with a bit more flavor and protein, I thought could go a long way. Some people might think going outside to grill up a steak for your dog on Christmas day is pretty crazy, but if it makes him happy, then I’m all for it.”

The holiday season is all about showing love and appreciating what you have. Our pets are a major part of our lives, so giving them the love you give everyone else is just as important. 

Now, with multiple suggestions of gifts for your dogs, whether it’s something more expensive like a heated bed or coat, or something more affordable like a recycled toy or a steak, you have no excuses not to get your pets some sort of special gift this holiday season.