Op-ed: DePaul’s Student Government Association wants to hear from you


Annalisa Baranowski | The DePaulia

As the winter quarter reaches its halfway point, the Student Government Association isn’t slowing down on our mission. Every day, DePaul SGA is focused on working towards improving the lives of every single student on our campus. We are a student organization built up of a diverse group of students, who represent each and every student at DePaul University. We pride ourselves on working to create an inclusive community at DePaul University.

In order to create change on campus, it’s important for us to hear from students and their needs. We all have seen how fast a school year goes by, which is why each day we are searching for ways to solve issues presented to us by the students, for the students. As an organization with immense responsibilities, we strive to be as productive as we can with our fortunate opportunity to serve. This is why hearing from students is important to us. Our goal is to increase engagement with the student body in order to make DePaul better for all students. 

It’s important to recognize that SGA is the official representative body for students at DePaul University. Many of our initiatives were based on ideas presented to us by the student body. We value collaboration with students, and work best when we understand what our students need. Our student leaders communicate with their constituencies to understand challenges that students face on campus. Our student leaders hear from students and compile insights, which are then discussed and acted upon with our entire organization during weekly meetings. 

From the Monarch Butterfly Scholarship, a grant for undocumented immigrant students, to solar panels on buildings, SGA is focused on supporting an entire body of unique and diverse students. In January, we were proud to share that our organization brought free menstrual products to 180 bathrooms on both campuses. This achievement was a group effort, and we are honored to see our initiative benefit students on both campuses. Each of our initiatives are needs that were brought to us by students at DePaul.

Currently, we hold the largest general body in DePaul’s history. This is huge! Every position, except for one, is filled by a hardworking student leader that wants to create change on campus for their constituency. We have members like Camila Barrientos, senator for intercultural awareness, who worked with ETC to bring Black Hair Care products to campus; students like Marcus Towns, senator for community and government relations, who is working towards getting a DePaul University Metra ticket discount for students; and students like Hannah Kinsella, senator for sustainability, who is working hand-in-hand with the Office of Sustainability to create a Sustainability Plan for the university with actionable items. 

We solve issues presented by students, which is why we would like to hear more from our student body. Student engagement is important to us because it guides our organization in facilitating changes on campus. Without student input, we are unable to act on ideas presented by students at DePaul. We are here for you! With that being said, SGA  is an effort from not only elected members, but all students at DePaul. 

Our General Body meetings are always open to the DePaul student body and we encourage students to attend. We want students to bring forth ideas, so we can work towards what must be done on campus. We meet on Thursdays at 6 p.m. in Arts and Letters 308 for the rest of winter quarter.

On February 18 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., DePaul SGA is hosting an interactive student forum for the student body. This is a space where anyone is invited to speak with our student leaders about issues or initiatives we should focus on. The student forum will take place in the Brownstones Annex. Food will be provided. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our Student Forum! 


– Landon W. Campbell, Vice President of DePaul Student Body