Letter to the editor: Jason Hill should not be silenced


Xavier Ortega | The DePaulia

Students protest Professor Jason Hill last spring in response to his controversial statements on Palestine.

Editor’s note: Jason Hill was not formally censured by the university, but was rather condemned for his writings on Israel and Palestine.

I’m writing regarding the cowardly, slovenly and undeniably fascistic treatment given to Professor Jason Hill. The resolution of censure accuses him of advocating for or precipitating war crimes of some sort or other, when his article did nothing of the kind whatsoever. Only the most unhinged, craven, misleading, libelous and defamatory intention could impose such a reading on his words.

As a DePaul alumnus, I’m shocked by this infantile behavior by the signers of the censure. I’m alarmed by the hollow recitation supporting academic freedom, immediately followed by slanderous, entirely spurious allegations of hateful conduct by Professor Hill for writing an academic article. This is mumbo jumbo of the lowest kind. Shame on the censurers.

Professor Hill, I believe you’d be entirely justified naming each signer of the censure personally in a libel action, as well as naming the university that has condoned this fascistic operation against you. I hope you do sue and I hope you recover harshly punitive damages against your tormentors.

L. Kahn

Law 1981