Questions for Quinn: Beating mental blocks and quarantine activities

Elaine asked, “What are your go-to strategies to get out of A mental block?” 

Answer: Hey Elaine! Whenever I find myself at a mental block I’ll usually take a break from whatever I’m working on and occupy my mind with something else like journaling, listening to music with my favorite headphones, or finishing an episode of the show I’m currently watching. This way, when you return to what you were working on you approach it with a refreshed mind. 

Sometimes taking 30 minutes to follow along a YouTube meditation video is a solid mental reset for those extra tough mental blocks. 

I hope that helps! Keep pushing toward success.


Tracy asked, “How do you like to destress during a busy week?”

Answer: Hey Tracy! The weekends are my prime destress time. After grinding nonstop during the week, it’s so important to destress and disconnect for at least one day a week. Do yourself the favor and complete what you need to get done in order to have one day to fully disconnect. 

For me, the best thing is knowing I’m up to date with my work and can spend one to two days not worrying about anything other than unwinding. Usually my destress involves a friend, some good food, good music and good conversation. 


Stephanie asked, “What’s your favorite quarantine friendly activity in Chicago?”

Answer: Easy answer, biking. Ever since quarantine began I have gotten so into biking around the city. It’s such a serene, active and refreshing activity. I got my bike off of Craigslist for around $200 — it’s a vintage Fuji and I love it with my whole heart.

Enjoying the views of the city from your bike, wind blowing through your hair, and one headphone blasting music in your ear — a dream.