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Dua Lipa performing live at The Palladium in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, on Thursday, February 8, 2018. The first of two sold out nights at this venue on Dua’s “Self-Titled” Tour. Shot for Live Nation’s Ones To Watch.

Despite the recent chilly weather, summer is right around the corner! With Covid restrictions looking to lessen this summer, I am thrilled at the prospect of letting loose and enjoying all that summer has to offer — including some great jams! Here are my predictions for the songs of the summer (so far), all of which I have been playing on repeat.


Kiss Me More- Doja Cat ft. SZA

I was first exposed to this song on TikTok and have not gotten enough of it since. Featuring quotable lyrics and a great beat, the real highlight of this track is the interplay between Doja Cat and SZA, with the former’s cheeky rapping meshing perfectly with the latter’s rich vocals. This song is great for a number of activities, from exercising to a night out.


Levitating- Dua Lipa ft. DaBaby

Yes, I know everyone has heard this song ad nauseum. Yes, I know it’s an obvious choice, but this is my list, damn it. While the original version of the song is great, DaBaby’s presence elevates the entire track. His energetic delivery adds life to the track and makes it impossible to not want to dance. While I can’t dance at all, you can bet I will be moving to this song all summer long. 


Save Your Tears- The Weeknd & Ariana Grande

On their own, The Weeknd and Ariana Grande are proven hit-makers — together, they guarantee a smash. I’ve really enjoyed The Weeknd’s gradual shift towards pop, which I find to be a better fit for his voice. The production on this song is perfect, with the duo’s voices floating over the instrumentation flawlessly. I can only hope that we see more collaborations between these two in the future.


Mr. Perfectly Fine- Taylor Swift

I don’t use the phrase “cultural reset” lightly, but this song qualifies. Perhaps I’m biased because “Fearless” is my favorite Taylor Swift album, but this track — featured on the first of her re-recordings — is absolutely perfect. The chorus is impossible to not sing along to, which is one of the best assets any pop song can have. 


good 4 u- Olivia Rodrigo

While I found “SOUR” to be something of a mixed bag, I can’t deny that this song is great. Another track making waves on TikTok “good 4 u” is a shot of mid-2000s pop-punk nostalgia, which I can always get behind. I have yet to skip this song when it comes on shuffle, and I imagine I will be playing it all summer, even when I’m not pissed off.