DePaul’s Class of 2021 senior bucket list


Courtesy of Jaylyn Jimenez

Jaylyn Jimenez, left, is a graduating senior who majored in Communications and Media with a minor in Spanish.

As the class of 2021 finishes their last quarter at DePaul, before they move on to future endeavors, these traditions are an undeniable rite of passage for all Blue Demons. This bucket list is compiled of must-do DePaul traditions that have existed well before this year’s graduating class and will continue to live on after. When asked what they believe each Blue Demon should do before they graduate DePaul, this year’s seniors relayed their favorite memories of the past four years.

Visit all the museums you can for free with your student ID 

Don’t waste the opportunity to go to Chicago’s must-sees for free while you’re still a DePaul student. The Art Institute is free with a DePaul student ID and museums like the Contemporary Art Museum, Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum have student discounts. Other museums around the city that give students discounts include the Mexican Art Museum in Pilsen, Dusable Museum of African American History and the Chicago History Museum. And, of course, our very own DePaul Art Museum is free for students as well.

Alicia Goluszka

Try all of Chicago’s iconic food

While deep-dish pizza and the Chicago hot dog are city classics, DePaul has its own recommendations for food you need to try while you are still considered a Chicagoan. In your last days as a DePaul student, you’ve got to visit late night burritos at Allende, breakfast cinnamon rolls at Ann Sathers, Branko’s Sandwich Shop and Devil Dawgs. As for on-campus eats, try Brownstones coffee and the Bean at the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center for smoothies and chicken quesadillas. To satisfy your seafood cravings, try the Student Center’s “Stushi” in the ETC.

Visit the lakefront and parks around Chicago

In the two months of the year the weather is reliably nice in Chicago, the city flourishes with ways to spend your time. Drive down Lake Shore Drive with your one friend that actually has a car in the city, stay up late to watch the sunrise by the lakeshore and skip class to lay out in a hammock on the quad — since we still have class in June. Have a picnic in Grant or Oz Park and make sure to jump in the lake at least once, just to say you did it.

Go to the staple DePaul bars

The bars around DePaul have their own traditions that must continue with each class. They might not be everyone’s favorite bars, but they are no doubt DePaul staples. Going to Kelly’s on Wednesday nights, trying Kincades wings, singing karaoke at McGees (preferably not another Abba song), pregaming at 1237 and ending the night with a picture in John Egan’s arms by the Student Center is a requirement for ending your Blue Demon career.

Participate in one of DePaul’s countless clubs and activities

From doing community service with DCSA or playing basketball at the Ray to say you actually went to the gym, free with tuition, certain experiences are just within the boundaries of the Fullerton stop. During finals week it may be inevitable, so make sure to pull at least one all-nighter at the Richardson Library. After all that studying, don’t forget to go to DePaul FEST – because it’s not just for freshmen – and attend both the men’s and women’s basketball games to show your school spirit. 

Participate in Chicago’s holidays and traditions 

Outside of DePaul, Chicago traditions can create some terrific memories. Have a Chicago Handshake (shot of Merlot and Old Style) while attending Taste Chicago. Take part in the Annual Polar Plunge every March, and while you’re at it, make sure to walk outside in the middle of a polar vortex, even if it’s just for 10 seconds. Chicago undoubtedly goes big for St. Patrick’s Day and it wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago without the green river, an attraction you’ll just have to see in person. Finally, Chicago would be nothing without its music scene and you’ll regret leaving the city before taking it all in. Check out local music venues, larger concert halls and be sure to go to Lollapalooza, at least once.

Go to a Cubs Game

You live in Chicago. If you haven’t been to a Cubs game in your four (ish?) years in the city, you’re doing something wrong. Get out to Wrigleyville, take in the fanfare, eat a Chicago hot dog and enjoy a sunny day doing the most Chicago thing you could possibly do. You should probably take the train, though, because finding parking in the city is already a nightmare without a sports event going on.

Hang out at Millennium Park

We’ve already mentioned hanging out at parks in Chicago, but Millennium Park must be emphasized. Take a walk in the grass, check out The Bean, have a picnic surrounded by the city skyline. Even better, as Covid gets better, you might be able to catch a concert again. Also, don’t just stick to Millennium Park. Check out Grant Park and Maggie Daley before departing DePaul and moving on to the next stage of your life!

Chicago Thrifting

DePaul students know how to dress and, a lot of the time, if you ask a wandering Blue Demon where they got their outfit they’ll probably say a thrift store. Common thrift stores in the city include Village Discount, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Out of the Closet, Belmont Army Vintage and Crossroads. The different thrift stores have different discounts and items but they are all worth the visit in order to find more affordable clothes on  a college student’s budget.

Jaylyn Jimenez, a graduating senior majoring in Communications and Media with a Minor in Spanish, included going on a service immersion trip, going to all the college dive bars and taking graduation pics.

“Never think you are too good for a college dive bar, the collection of memories that you get from going are what ties DePaul Students together!” Jimenez said.